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Festival of Triangles

Term 3- Week 1

Festival of Triangles

This has been a very special week, where all of the children’s learning has been focused on and around triangles!



In maths the children have worked on being able to recognise a triangle and its properties. They know that it is a 2D shape and even learned the ‘Triangle song’- see if your child can teach it to you at home!

The children went on a triangle scavenger hunt in the inside and outside learning environment to see how many triangles they could find. Every child also made a straw tetrahedron which were then all joined together to make a giant tetrahedron!


In music this week the children explored with the instrument... the triangle! They worked on recognising the sound of the triangle and how the volume can be changed dependent on how it is played.



In topic, the children worked together to make a string of triangular bunting. The children really enjoyed this activity, which they then carried on in their own exploring time. The week ended with a celebration in the hall.


Next week we will be moving onto our termly topic, which is, ‘What happens when I fall asleep?’