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Forest School

Take part in the RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch.

Follow the link below to find out more, watch the BBC Teach and Winterwatch live lessons to find out more about completing the survey. Dowload the resources and then wrap up warm, find a good place to sit and count all the birds that you see.


Make your own bird feeder to attract birds to your garden

You could link this with the Eco council challenges and make your bird feeder by upcycling a plastic bottle.




Session 3 

We finished this series of Forest School sessions with a fire.  The children thought about why humans need fire and also the devastation that fire can cause.  The children talked about the fires in Australia and the impact these fires have on the environment, animal and humans.  Both classes drew on prior learning to recall the three elements that are needed for fire. 


The children listened carefully and followed the rules and routines for sitting in the fire circle.  Eating popcorn that was cooked on the fire was a highlight of the session.  


During the session, as well as having time to freely explore the site, some children chose to make bird feeders to help the wildlife during the harsh winter months. 

Session 2

Over the past two weeks both classes have experienced Forest School sessions that continue to focus on seasonal change.  The children have been able to identify changes in the environment within the past couple of weeks, the trees are now looking quite bare and the weather is definitely colder.  


After a story about a bear building his shelter for the winter the children were challenged to create winter homes for mice.  The children needed to think about what the winter home needed to provide (warmth, protection from wind, rain, and predators).