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Frozen Kingdoms

Week 3



What do temperatures, sea levels and bank accounts have in common? Negative numbers, of course! We’ve used graphs, charts and numbers lines to explore negative numbers over the week to end our place value unit. We’ll need our place value skills as we move into addition and subtraction. 



Polar bears experts! We have conducted our own polar bear research, looking at where to find accurate information online, in order to write a non-chronological report about these Arctic giants. Next week, we will put our research and writing skills to the test as we research an Arctic topic of our own choosing to write a report about.



Did you know that there are seven communities of people who are indigenous to the Arctic? Each child in Year 6 should be able to tell you all about the traditions of at least one of these groups. They will use this information to inform their ongoing Inuit art project.


Hockey skills are coming along nicely! This was just before we started our mini games.

Still image for this video

Here are some photos of us taking part in our negative numbers maths investigation.

We have conducted another science experiment this week seeing whether we can slow the cooling process down using different materials for insulation.

Week Two



We kicked off our week with a fantastic picture book called Here We Are. We used this book to generate some fantastic vocabulary and wrote some truly inspiring poetry about our worlds, and how we see the world.



Our place value skills are coming along nicely: we have remembered a huge amount from Year 5 and are working at a good pace into Year 6! We've covered rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and next week we will cover rounding to any number.



We've started reading our new class novel, The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell. Some of us have read her other books - like Rooftoppers or The Explorer - and we're all enjoying the snowy setting of 20th century Russia.

This week we conducted our own science experiments to see whether we can change the colour of a shadow. We used a number of different torches changing the angles of the lights rays, as well as the colour of the light itself. Here are some photos of our results.