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I am Warrior

Week beginning 16th November



This week has been poetry slam week! We have been listening to and enjoying lots of different types of poems by lots of different authors. We then chose 4 poems (1 per house team) and the children have learnt and performed them (off by heart) in their teams to enter into the whole school competition. We have thought carefully about the judging criteria: voice, understanding, presentation and accuracy. Ask your child to perform their poem to you!



This week our topic has been multiplication and division. 
We have used a place value grid to help us multiply by 10 and 100, divide by 10 and 100 and multiply by 1 and 0. Some cheeky children think we can add or remove zeros to work out the answer! Ask your child about why this doesn't work and how we should work it out instead. 



I'm sure lots of you have heard about our Science lesson already - we were investigating 'Did Romans use toilet roll?' and we carried out an experiment to determine the best item to use as toilet roll between leaves, grass, pebbles, a sponge and your left hand. 

We also finished our mosaics in Art. 


Next week

Next week we will be making leaflets about deforestation in English, multiplying and dividing by 3 and 6 in Maths and completing and becoming a Roman Soldier in Topic.

Week beginning 9th November 



In English this week we looked at the effects of deforestation on The Amazon rainforest. We argued both for and against and held a class debate, where we all had the chance to put forward our arguments. We then wrote a persuasive argument against logging using all of the information we had collated throughout the week. 



In Maths this week we finished our Length and Measurement unit. We looked at calculating the perimeter of quadrilateral and rectilinear shapes. We learned that the perimeter is calculated by adding up the length of each side of a 2D closed shape. We finished the week with a consolidation assessment. 



In Topic this week we found out about the life of a gladiator we researched the food they eat, exercise, weapons, the lifestyle of slaves, combat and, ultimately, their fates. We then looked at Mosaics and created our own using a template and different pieces of coloured card. 

We then looked at street maps of Rome and located a variety of its significant human features. We looked at the Colosseum, the Vatican City, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Square, Trevi Fountain and the Roman Forum.

We discussed the following questions:

‘Which of the attractions originate from the Roman period?'

'How has the city of Rome changed from Roman times?’



Year 4 is an incredibly important year for timestables. 

During Autumn 1 the children revisited their 2s, 5s and 10 timestables. 

This half term we are studying the 3s, 4s and 8 timestables. 

The children have a timestable test 3 times a week where they are required to answer up to 60 questions in up to 4 minutes. They compete against themselves trying to beat their time, score, or both every time! 

They are all making incredible progress and love to compare their scores to the previous week. 


Please support your child by helping them revise 2s, 5s and 10s and learn 3s, 4s and 8s. This must include division facts eg 3x8=       and      24=  ÷3.

Welcome back!

We hope you have had a wonderful half term and are ready to enjoy our next topic - I am Warrior!


Week beginning 2nd November



In Maths this week we have started a new topic of measurement. We have been learning about mm, cm, m and km, and how to add, subtract and convert these units! The children need to know how many mm are in a cm, how many cm are in a m, how many mm are in a m etc. This then helps them to answer questions such as 100mm-     cm = 6 cm more efficiently. Please do lots of practising at home as it is a tricky concept! 



In English we have begun a new book entitled 'The Great Kapok Tree'. We have only read the first two pages so far but we were shocked to discover the man's intention to chop down the tree! This has brought on lots of discussion about the amazon rainforest and the wonderful animals that live there. We have all written a rainforest poem which we have written up in neat to display in the classroom. 



In Topic we have learnt about the chronology of the roman empire, hill forts, the differences between Italy and Britain and Boudicca. It has been great fun investigating all about the Romans and learning lots of interesting facts - including whether the Romans or the Celts washed more! 


We also enjoyed learning how to play the ukuleles - we even learnt a whole song!


Next week

In Maths we will learn about perimeter, in English our writing will focus on deforestation and we will learn about some warriors in Topic.