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Welcome back to a new school year!

Land Ahoy!


Both Rowan and Willow class will have PE on a Tuesday and a Friday this year. Please ensure your children have their PE kits in school for their lessons and that all earrings are removed. Thank you! 

Week 1 & 2 (w/c 2nd and 9th September)


The children have settled into Year 2 well, and are beginning to get used to the new routines. We have been excited to begin our learning and are looking forward to all the new challenges and experiences that await us!



In maths, we have started the year by thinking about place value.

We have been recapping numbers from 1 - 100 and are now looking at

2-digit numbers in particular. We have been partitioning them into 10s and 1s, thinking carefully about the value of each digit. 



In English we have started to read "How to Find Gold" by Viviane Schwarz. We have met Anna and Crocodile and made inferences about their character from the little of the book we have read so far. We have also been thinking about what you need to do to find gold, and have been creating our own plans and writing instructions to enable us to find gold. Although we don't know what Anna and Crocodile are going to do yet!



We have been thinking about explorers in our topic lessons, thinking about the countries and seas around the British Isles and creating a timeline of famous explorers and adventurers from Marco Polo in 1271 right up to Ellen MacArthur in 2005. We have learnt about the journey of James Cook and used and Atlas to find the countries that he visited and plot them on a map.


We have also been linking our science lessons to our topic, investigating materials that float or sink and deciding which would be suitable to build a boat. We have then looked at changing the shape of a material that sinks to make it float, and using our knowledge of that shape to design and test a boat to see how much cargo it can carry.





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