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Moon Zoom

W/C 4th May 2021



This week in maths, we have been focusing on making and adding equal groups. We have learned to recognise what an equal or unequal group is, and how to work out the number of groups and amount in a group. We used counters and cubes to help us with this, see if you can challenge your child to making equal groups, for example, ‘five equal groups of three’.

Towards the end of the week, we then moved onto learning what an ‘array’ is. We now know that an array consists of columns and rows, and we can count these to help us understand how an array has been made and write the matching number sentence.



We have had another exciting week in topic this week learning all about the history of Neil Armstrong and the impact he has had on our world. We learned many facts about him and his adventures with space and on Thursday we had a Now Press Play experience where we actually got to be Neil Armstrong and have our own visit to the Moon!


Other learning

In science this week, we focused on describing simple properties of everyday materials, including cotton wool, wood, foam, stones, paper, wool, tin foil, chalk, foam and had first-hand experience of handling these items. We named everyday materials and used a range of vocabulary to explain their properties and what we could use them for, i.e. glass is excellent to use for a window because it is transparent and strong. We then used this knowledge to design our very own astronaut outfits, thinking about what our suit would need to be made of to be appropriate to use on a fantasy wet and soggy planet.

In art this week, we spent some time on observational drawing, looking closely at an object and controlling the shape that we make with our pencil. We used a branch with leaves as an example, thinking carefully about what shape we can see before we drew it.


Next week

In maths next week we will continue to think about equal groups and sharing and grouping these and in topic we will focus on an astronaut called Yuri Gagarin.

WC 26/4/2021



We have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s this week, during which we also spotted number patterns and common numbers. Maple and Beech class explored different representations of these concepts, including bead strings and 100 squares. We also used physical resources to make equal groups on Friday. 



On Tuesday we went on an adventure with Professor Astro Cat to find out about the different planets in our solar system. The children were very excited to discover that there are sixty moons orbiting Jupiter and that Uranus may have millions of diamonds floating inside. We found out that Professor Astro Cat had got lost on his way around the solar system, so we continued our lesson outdoors. Here, we learned about positional language and used this to guide Professor Astro Cat back home.


During science, pupils explored the difference between an object and the material from which it is made. We found out that sometimes an object may be made of more than one material, and investigated the materials used to make everyday objects within our classroom.



The children looked closely at different natural materials such as wood, wool and hessian and controlled their pencils to create different lines and effects.

W/C 19th April 2021



This week we have started our new termly topic of ‘Moon Zoom’. Excitingly, we discovered a rocket crash landing site on the school field on Tuesday!  The children were the detectives and had to figure out what had happened, they found some alien footprints and moon rocks! Please see the photos below.



We have been revising some tricky maths concepts this week, such as making ten and subtraction by crossing 10. The children have been using tens frames to help them with their work. Next week we will move onto counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and making equal groups.



This week the children were introduced to observational drawing and shading. They carefully looked at some flowers and made an observational drawing- please see the photos below of some of the children’s work.


Eco day

On Friday we celebrated Eco day all day at school. The children came into school wearing green and had fun with a range of different activities throughout the day, such as building numbers by using natural materials and making and using mud paint! We also make our own nature poems which we performed to the rest of the class. Please see the photos below.