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Happy Valentines Day from all the staff at GEMS Didcot Pirmary Academy


January 2020


Why is water wet?



Let’s get wet! Why does water change shape? Why is water wet? Let’s dive right in and find out all about water and its properties.


This half term, we’ll practise our letter recognition by fishing letters out of the water tray. We’ll learn water-themed vocabulary and start to think about initial sounds. We’ll carefully move water from one place to another and between different containers. Getting creative, we’ll use watery paints and pipettes to add colour to cloud and raindrop shapes. In our water area, we’ll play with blocks, stones, boats and small world animals. What will happen when we spray water onto different materials? Will they be waterproof? Thinking scientifically, we’ll explore the shape and depth of puddles, as well as investigating floating, sinking and melting. It might get messy when we make garden soup using petals, leaves and herbs. Using our mathematical skills, we’ll count numbered umbrellas and practise ordering numbers. On a rainy day, we’ll take a wet walk in our wellies, splashing in puddles and catching the rain.



Help your child prepare for their project Water is wonderful!

Why not freeze a range of small toys and objects in water and then excavate the frozen treasures by melting the ice with salt and water? You could also put different colours of food colouring in cups of water and explore colour mixing using your ‘potions’. Alternatively, create colourful outdoor artwork with chalk and water.