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We are looking forward to welcoming all children back to school from 8th March. Please read through the updated risk assessment (see newsletters) prior to your child returning.


Our last week of home learning Acorn Class. We are really looking forward to seeing you all again. We will see you all on Wednesday at 10.45am for our final Zoom meeting. We have something very special for you to see! Have a great week.

World Book Week!

Scavenger Hunt

We're going on a 'book‘ hunt Create a book cover and place it in a window of your house. Then while on your daily exercise, keep an eye out – How many can you spot? Reading rocks Paint a rock with your favourite book character. Hide it around GWP for others to discover on their daily walk. Once spotted, hide it somewhere else for others to uncover! How many can you find? Attach your photos to this assignment or send in your photos of the book covers or rocks to to feature in a slideshow on Facebook.


More Information

Please see attached more information about how DPA are marking World Book Day with a series of events that can be completed both at home or in school. There is also a preview of the £1 World Book Day books. Digital book tokens will be emailed to all parents.

Another great week Acorn Class. Well done to you and your families for your excellent learning. We are now on countdown to our return to nursery and we are very excited! Have a lovely weekend.

Welcome to Nursery!


Thank you for visiting our nursery page.


September 2020


Welcome to Acorn Class

Nursery Teacher: Mrs Emma Clements

Early Years Support Worker: Mrs Cathy Venes

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hannah Madley


Our weekly and daily plan is heavily influenced by the lines of enquiry that the children are interested in pursuing.

Staff are continuously assessing the children, ensuring that every child is gaining the experience and skills that they need, to ensure successful outcomes and to prepare them for school.