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Opening Times

Our School Day...

Our school day runs slightly longer than most other schools to ensure that our pupils have access to a high quality curriculum that does not have to be compromised.  We are committed to ensuring that our children have full access to music,drama and the arts as well as science, ICT and the other subjects.


8:30am School gates open

8:40am Classroom doors open and school officially starts.  You remain responsible for your own child until this time.  There is no teacher on duty.

8:55am school gates close.  Please make sure that you have left the playground

9am Nursery doors open (round the side of the school at the main Nursery entrance)

10:30 break time for Years 1 upwards.  

11:45am lunch time for Reception and those staying in nursery

12:00 lunch time for Years 1 upwards

12:30pm Afternoon nursery starts

1pm afternoon lessons start.  Teachers will choose to take a break time when it suits their curriculum and their class.

3:30pm school finishes