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Thursday June 4th: School opens for Group B Reception and Year 1, agreed nursery places and agreed key worker classes in Years 2-5. Nursery and Key worker groups are all full. We are unable to accept any more.

ORCA e-lessons

The ORCA Lessons videos are now live on their YouTube channel:


Diving into the depths

Lesson 7: Ocean zones can be viewed here:

Lesson 8: Diving into the deep can be viewed here:

Lesson 9: Ecosystem engineers can be viewed here:


Whales and Dolphins

Lesson 1: Introduction to whales, dolphins & porpoises can be viewed here: 

Lesson 2: How do whales, dolphins & porpoises feed?  Can be viewed here:

Lesson 3: Voices of the deep can be viewed here:

Lesson 4: Incredible Journeys Part 1 can be viewed here:

Lesson 5: Incredible Journeys Part 2 can be viewed here:

Lesson 6: Whale Tails can be viewed here: