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Don't forget that term finishes at 1.30pm on Friday 19th July. The new academic year starts on Wednesday 4th September. We look forward to seeing you all then, have a lovely Summer holiday!


Wednesday 1st May – Day Three

Final day and after an early morning wake up call, it was pack, pack, pack! (On a side note, there is still unclaimed lost property, please see if it is yours). With the arrival of Mrs Ashcroft and a hearty breakfast of sausage and hash browns, it was time for the final two activities.

Buggy building was a step up on the raft building as, although we had the same materials, this time we had to make the vehicle move without the aid of water. Lots of knots, scratching heads and more knots led to some pretty impressive buggies.

Abseiling was a particular high (no pun intended) for lots of children, conquering their fear of heights and mostly looking stylish on the way down. Some children seemed to get the hang of it so much they were bouncing down the wall instead of slowly walking – a very impressive sight!

A final lunch was followed by packing the coach and goodbyes to Callum our group leader. We then travelled back for a quiet hour in school before sending the children on their way.

It has been a great few days and we really hope the children enjoyed it as much as we did. Well done to all of them for challenging themselves in a variety of ways and proving that they have independence, resilience and courage by the bucketful!

Tuesday 30th April - Day Two


An early morning start (7.00) saw the children up and awake, ready for breakfast at 7.45. Today was our full day with four full activities (at different times).

One of the activities the groups had to contend with was building their own raft. First, they had to learn a range of knots, ready to tie their barrels together. Once each barrel pair was ready, logs were put in for stability. Then, onto the lake – with varying results. The children’s ability to paddle together, balance and listen to instructions was tested to the limit and a few wet children later, the rafting was done.  

The second water activity was canoeing. After figuring out the front and back of the boat, as well as how to make the boat turn and go forward, the children were given time to coordinate their paddling. Once their paddling was ‘coordinated’, they played games including finding the named duck and splash the teacher.

The first rope activity was zip wire, which involved more courage than skill. After a long climb to the top of the tower, it took a lot of personal strength to step out in nothingness. Flying down the wire, the children (and teachers) had a lovely view of the centre and surrounding lakes. Getting to the end, they then had to abseil down to the ground!

The final activity which completed today was the vertical challenge. A climbing tower consisting of rope ladders, tyres, climbing walls and netting, the children had different sections to conquer before reaching the top. Some amazing personal victories on this activity, especially for those who initially said they couldn’t do it.  

Free time of Frisbee and manhunt before dinner, which was chicken goujons or lasagne followed by lemon drizzle cake (YUM). Finally, a campfire, full of songs and dancing finished off the evening. Final day tomorrow – it’s gone very quickly!

Monday 29th April - Day One


We have arrived! A very quick journey and we arrived in Liddington, ready for our adventures. As our rooms weren't ready yet, we had a relaxing start with football, frisbee and more importantly...lunch! After finding out where we were staying, it was time for our first activities; aeroball and the challenge course. Aeroball is a game of four, bouncing on trampolines trying to get a ball into an opposing net. AND VERY TIRING! The challenge course was a range of small obstacles: nets, tarzan swings and tire tunnels all to be conquered under the afternoon sun.

Back to the rooms for a quick shower before dinner - steak and ale pie, sausage in onion gravy, a massive salad bar and doughnuts for dessert! Very, very full children. Now we're off for an evening of alternative sports - dodgeball, space hopper football and ultimate frisbee. Hopefully this will tire the children out before bed time. Fingers crossed! 

Parents meeting

A meeting for parents will be held on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 at 3pm in the school hall. PowerPoint used in the meeting as at the bottom of the page. 



We will take photographs of the children enjoying their activities which we will then share with you and the children back at school. These will also be published on the school website (where we have parental consent). Children are invited to bring along a disposable camera for their own use.



Any medications needed for the trip should be clearly named and handed in to school staff on the morning of departure. Please write the dosage instructions clearly and put everything into a named clear sandwich bag. This includes travel sickness medication which can be taken at school before departure.



Children may bring a maximum of £4 to spend on a souvenir in the PGL shop (not food or drink). Please put this in a named sealed envelope and hand in to a member of staff on the morning of departure.


Morning of Departure

We will be leaving school at around 10.30am. Children should come to school at the normal time but go directly to the school hall to leave their bags and hand in money and any medication.


They will then take hand luggage and their packed lunch (in a disposable bag) to their classroom where they will be registered and begin some classroom work related to the trip.


Return to School

We will return to school for approximately 2.30pm on Wednesday 1st May 2019. Please meet your child in the normal place at the end of the school day at 3.30pm. If you have any questions, please call in and see us.