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The school office opening hours are now 8am to 3pm. If you need a password for someone else to collect your child/ren you will need to contat the office before 3pm each day.

School Council

School Council 2019-20

Our school council consists of two members from each year group in Key Stages 1 and 2.  To ensure a smooth handover the 2018-19 members will continue to attend council meetings until the end of October.


Already the council have decided that they want to find out more about play times.  School council will carry out a playtime survey to identify any areas where the council could make changes or make suggestions to the school leaders.


Council members are also finding out from their own classes any charity nominations and ideas for a whole school charity day.  

Our school council spent a day with GEMS Twickenham school council members on Wednesday 13th March.

Everyone got to know each other very quickly.
We shared lots of ideas
Having lunch together.
Using the outdoor classroom.
Looking for mini-beasts together
identifying what we have found.
Saying farewell and see you again in June.