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Science is a very important feature of our curriculum and is taught weekly across the school.  

Science is often taught in a practical and hands on way. Pupils are taught scientific skills which they apply to experiments. The following investigative skills form an integral part of every child's education at GEMS Didcot Primary Academy: questioning, research and planning, predicting, observing and measuring, experimenting, analysing, explaining and evaluating.  We also like to enhance our science work by inviting in scientists to further our knowledge.  We have welcomed physicists from Rutherfords, and shows from Atomic Science and Bright Sparks.  We are also working with teachers from Abingdon School to further enhance our Science provision.  Science is taught at least weekly, with some topic areas being science focused each year providing further opportunity to develop scientific skills and knowledge. 


Year 1:

Autumn Term 1: Human Body and senses

Autumn Term 2: Seasonal changes, plants, Identifying and classifying animals

Spring 1: 

Spring 2: Every day materials

Summer 1: Animals - 

Summer 2: Plants


Year 2:

Autumn 1: Living things - the importance of exercise, properties of every day materials

Autumn 2: Floating and sinking

Spring 1: Identifying and comparing everyday materials

Spring 2: Living things and their habitats

Summer1: Plants - conditions for growth

Summer 2: Living things and their habitats, including humans


Year 3: 

Autumn 1: Rocks and Soils

Autumn 2: Forces and magnets, electricity

Spring 1: Food chains and Materials

Spring 2: Light and shadows

Summer 1: Nutrition

Summer 2: Plants


Year 4:

Autumn 1: Living things and their habitats

Autumn 2: Teeth types, tooth decay and hygiene, the digestive system

Spring 1: Electricity

Spring 2: States of matter

Summer 1: states of matter

Summer 2: Sound

updated Sept 2018