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Sow, Grow and Farm

Week 5 - 22/03/21



This week in English we have worked on writing our own version the Varmint giving away his piece of the wilderness. After building up creative sentences on Friday, we first planned it out, considering the audience and purpose of the piece. We then spent two days crafting the three paragraphs, ensuring there was a real flow through them and that they built atmosphere. On Thursday and Friday, we started investigating the structure of a persuasive argument, noting what features were important.



In Maths this week we have looked at how fractions, decimals and percentages link together. Noting that percent means parts per 100, we used our understanding of equivalence to convert decimals and fractions to over 100. This then meant that however a number was presented, we could convert it so that we could complete the calculation. 



Our final week on Sow, Grow and Farm. We spent time investigating where food comes from, examining food packets from around the world. As well as this, we discussed whether we should import food - is it better to work off a seasonal diet? As imported food has to be sent over a long distance, we debated whether the carbon footprint was worth the variety in our diet. 


Next week:

English - Writing our persuasive argument on - Should you buy fairtrade coffee?

Maths - Arithmetic and reasoning paper

Topic - House challenge on Easter headbands.  

Week 4 - 15/03


English - This week in English we have continued working on Varmints, a book about creatures whose home life is taken from them. We have looked at how the Varmint is coping with his new life, so removed from nature. As he was nuturing the last piece of wilderness, we wrote persuasive letters to convince the Varmint to either accept his new life or continue to fight for what it had lost. Finally, we started looking at a few double pages that we will be using as a basis for our own descriptive writing next week. 


Maths - We started a new unit this week on fractions, decimals and percentages. Firstly we looked at how decimals can be extended to two decimal places. We then focused on how decimals can be represented as fractions (1/10 = 0.1 and 1/100 = 0.01). Finally we looked at how decimals can be extended to thousandths (1/1000 = 0.001). 


Topic - In topic we have looked at farming in the wider world. Starting with the different climate zones around the world, we then concentrated on specific produce, famous from certain regions (oranges in California or coffee from Peru).


Next week:

English - descriptive writing based on the Varmints

Maths - second week on decimals and percentages

Topic - Food miles and innovate challenge.  

Week 2 - 15/03


Hopefully this was the last week of lockdown learning, however that didn’t dampen enthusiasm! 

We created our own seasonal soups, created home learning packs for favourite books and celebrated the pleasure of reading.


This week in English we have created home learning packs for the EYFS ‘Inside Out’ book list. These packs looked at the story, created comprehension questions and a range of activities to deepen the understanding and enjoyment of the stories. As well as this, we looked at the range of author / illustrator videos offered on the World Book Day website.


In Maths, we have been continued on fractions, moving on from addition and subtraction to multiplication. We have looked at multiplying integers (whole numbers) by unit and non-unit fractions and applying our skills of converting between mixed and improper fractions.


In Topic, we have looked at seasonal produce, investigating the nutritional value of ingredients before creating our own seasonal soup.