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Spring 1 - Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Muck, mess and mixtures


Please log on to Google Classroom to access the daily lessons.  Log in details are at the back of the reading journal.


This term the topic has a strong science focus.  We will look at the properties of solids and liquids and explore the effects of melting, freezing and mixing.  There will be demonstration science investigations, but opportunity to actively participate too.  The children will be applying scientific skills to predict and use results to make conclusions.  The teaching will include work about dangerous substances and safety symbols that provide warnings.  We will be doing some work to create signs and symbols that Mr K can use around the school.


Everyone loves to play with bubbles and we will be finding out more about them through our scientific investigations.


During the first lockdown many people enjoyed cooking at home.  We will finding out about food groups, food origins and how to safely prepare for cooking.  Cooking demonstrations that show the effects of melting and mixing will be shown and there will be plenty of opportunity for families to participate, if they wish.


Last term the children really embraced our topic about movers and shakers.  With the current pandemic many of the children concluded that Joseph Lister should be one of the most significant people.  We are going to build on this interest and find out more about a range of extraordinary scientists.


Look out for the knowledge organiser for Muck, Mess and Mixtures on Google Classroom.




Week 3 18th-22nd January 2021