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Spring 2

Week 3

9th-13th March


Fe Fi Fo fum! This week we have enjoyed the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. Acorn class have had fun re-enacting the story and planting their own magic beans. 


Also this week we were excited to welcome members of Didcot library into our class who entertained the children with songs and stories. 

Week 2

2nd-6th March


This week Acorn class said goodbye to the ducklings, it was a fantastic hands on experience and the children enjoyed watching the ducklings hatch and seeing their progress as they grew bigger. Continuing on our topic 'Are eggs alive?' we have been learning all about the life cycle of a frog.  

Also this week Acorn class took part in World book Day, children were super excited to show their costumes and talk about their character to their friends.

Week 1

24th-28th February


It has been a busy in Acorn class! After the half term holiday we had an arrival of 5 eggs waiting to hatch in an incubator. It was very exciting so we ask the question 'Are eggs alive?' We have begun to look closely at the natural world:discussing what we see and talk about changes that take place over time.

 On Wednesday the children were excited to welcome four baby duckling into the class and we are learning how to care for them by topping up their water and food.


Also this week: 

On Tuesday Acorn class enjoyed mixing ingredients to make pancakes and then took turns having a go at flipping them in the pan.


To finish the week, we were super excited to welcome Jungle Jonathan and his beautiful animals into school. The children were so well behaved and enjoyed learning all about the different species. Children were engaged and enjoyed having a fantastic hands on experience.