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Spring 2 - Magnificent Monarchs

Magnificient Monarchs


This topic will take us through the ages of English and British monarchy from AD871 to the present day.  We will be using timelines, exploring royal palaces and castles, using portraits and other historical sources to build up an understanding of monarchs and their varying powers.  Six significant sovereigns have been chosen to study in more depth, starting with Alfred the Great, who was born locally in Wantage and finishing with Elizabeth II.  Some aspects of study will build on the work completed in Year 1 as part of the Bright Lights, Big City topic.  


We will be taking virtual tours of palaces and castles, diving into an immersive audio experience in a castle, using our history detective skills to find out about monarchs from their portraits and learning more about Queen Victoria's bathing machine.  


Week 5 (w/c 22nd March 2021)



At the start of this week in English, we finished off our diary entries for the day that Rapunzel escaped the tower and also editing our writing. We edited and added in any missing capital letters and full stops, spelling mistakes and thought carefully about our choice of vocabulary. After this, we planned a set of instructions, using a story board first to imagine how we might catch a witch.  We then transferred our ideas into a set of instructions. 


In Maths this week, we have had some arithmetic and problem solving assessments. We then continued our work on fractions. We learnt how to recognise and find a third of an amount. We also explored what a denominator and numerator are. 



In our topic lessons this week, we have been very busy drafting a letter for Prince Charles. First we identified positive actions from all the significant monarchs we have looked at this term. Next we discussed what advise we would give to Prince Charles on how to be a good king. Then we wrote up a draft of our ideas before writing our final piece which will be sent to him. We are hoping for a response!

Week 4 (w/c 15th March 2021)



This week in English, we have had some reading assessments to find out areas of reading comprehension that we're really good at and other areas that we need more practice with. We then continued our work based around the story of Rapunzel and have explored diary entries in more depth, considering the features that make a diary entry. We have then started to write our own diary entry for the day that Rapunzel escaped the tower!



In Maths this week, we have started our work on fractions. We learnt that fractions are equal parts of a whole. We then learnt how to recognise and find half and quarter of an amount.
















In our topic lessons this week, we have learnt about two magnificent queens. We really enjoyed discussing Queen Elizabeth, finding our why she was a popular queen after the reign of her sister Queen Mary. We learnt about her actions and thought about the impact that it had on England.

Following this, we learnt about Queen Victoria. We studied her two homes, Buckingham Palace and Osborne House and thought about the similarities and differences between these two residences.

Week 3  8th-12th March


This week we have continued to use ‘Rapunzel’ by Bethan Woollvin to make suggestions about Rapunzel’s character from the witch’s point of view and using the text to justify our ideas.  We used these inferences to write our own short character descriptions of Rapunzel in role as the witch. We have also completed a couple of SPaG assessments and finished off the week identifying features of a diary entry. 



This week we have finished the block of work on Shape by learning about the properties of 3d shapes, specifically edges and vertices. We then built on our knowledge by sorting 3D shapes according to their similarities and differences and making patterns with 3D shapes. We ended the week by completing a White Rose end of unit assessment.

Next week we will begin our next block on Fractions.



We started off our first week back with a lesson all about William the Conqueror. We looked at the Bayeux Tapestry and found out all about The Battle of Hastings 1066. We learnt about the different groups within the The Feudal System and considered what this meant for the,. We have found out about Henry VIII and discussed whether the things he did during his reign were either positive or negative. Finally, we investigated how mud is made by using a measuring cylinder to add different quantities of water to soil. We made observations at each stage, considering whether it was runny, stick and/or smooth alongside a few other questions.  

Week 1 22nd-26th February 2021