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Street Detectives


Both Rowan and Willow class will have PE on a Tuesday and a Friday this year. Please ensure your children have their PE kits in school for their lessons and that all earrings are removed. Thank you! 

Week 7 (w/c 16th December)



In Maths we have finished our unit on money. We worked out how to give change by using the bar model, column subtraction, counting on, counting back or a combination of all of these! We also studied two-step problems involving money and practiced reading the questions incredibly carefully to make sure we understood what the question was asking. 



In English we wrote an acrostic poem about the Great Fire of London remembering to use the fantastic vocabulary we have been learning. 



We designed and made a 'London on Fire' scene. We used watercolour to make a fading background and drew and cut out a silhouette of a London skyline to stick on the top. 


Wishing you all an enjoyable and festive holiday!

From the Year 2 team. 




Week 6 (w/c 9th December)



In maths this week, we have used our knowledge of money to compare different amounts, to add different amounts of money together. We have also been working out how to find the difference between two amounts - we found that bar models really helped us with this - and giving change.



In English, we have imagined what it would be like to be in London at the time of the Great Fire in 1666. We thought about the things we might see, hear, feel/touch and smell. We have then used these ideas to produce some fantastic writing, describing our experiences in the fire.



In our topic lessons this week, we have been finding out what happened after the fire. We learnt that Sir Christopher Wren was the architect responsible for redesigning and rebuilding the part of London that burnt down and we had a go at designing a new street layout and new buildings, thinking carefully about the materials we would use, how we would change the street plan and why. We have also been continuing to make our own Tudor houses from cereal boxes, in preparation for our own "Great Fire" next week.


Finally, we have been performing our Christmas play. The children have worked incredibly hard to learn their lines and have enjoyed being part of the production. Thank you for your support with this, and the costumes provided.



Hot seating to imagine we experienced the Great Fire of London

Hot seating to imagine we experienced the Great Fire of London 1
Hot seating to imagine we experienced the Great Fire of London 2
Hot seating to imagine we experienced the Great Fire of London 3

Week 5 (w/c 2nd December)



In Maths this week we have continued to learn about money. We have used our knowledge of coins and notes to select coins and notes to make a certain amount. We have then tried to make the same amount in a different way using a different combination of coins/notes. We have worked hard on our reasoning to explain whether an amount adds up to the money shown, and to explain why. 



In English we have been focussing on learning our Year 2 tricky words - we have been thinking of some methods that we can use to help us to remember how to spell them. 

We have also been enjoying lots of stories from the UKLA book awards shortlist and have been voting for out favourites. 



In DT we have been designing and making tudor houses. We have studied the features of tudor houses and carefully drawn our designs and thought about the equipment we may need. We have then begun to build and paint our houses.  




Week 4 (w/c 25th November)


We have been very busy this week. The children presented their work in an assembly to the rest of the school and their parents, and we were very impressed with how clearly they spoke - well done to everyone! we have also been busily rehearsing for our Christmas Performance, with almost everyone remembering their lines without their scripts this week. We only have one week of rehearsals left, so please do bring your child's costume into school before Monday.



In English we have been using our knew knowledge of the features of a newspaper to plan and write a newspaper article, recounting Claude's adventures in the Art Gallery. We have been using adverbs, apostrophes of possession and omission and expanded noun phrases to make our writing more interesting!



In Maths, we have moved on to money. We have been using our learning from Year 1

to recognise the value of different coins and notes. We have then started to add

different coins together and to use our knowledge to explain our reasoning




We have continues to develop our historical knowledge and skills as we learn

more about the Great Fire of London. We have investigated different sources

of information, and thought carefully about which sources are the most reliable - for example and eyewitness account would give us more information than a coin from 1666. We have also been looking carefully at Tudor buildings, thinking about how their design and construction helped the fire to spread. We have then started to design our own, in preparation for making them in the coming weeks.


Week 3 (w/c 18th November)



We have continued with our addition and subtraction topic.

This week we have mastered subtraction. We began by using tens and ones pieces to take a 1-digit number away from a 2-digit number. If we didn’t have enough ones (for example 24-8) we had to exchange a ten for 10 ones.

We then went on to recording our methods using column subtraction, as seen below, for 2-digit take away 1-digit and 2-digit take away 2-digit.

Finally, we used a 100 square to help us find number bonds to 100.




We finished part 1 of Claude in the City and found out that Claude (accidently) became a hero when he stopped a robber and caught the stolen sculpture! We had great fun acting out a press conference and questioning all the different characters in the story.


We have also been learning about how to use apostrophes to show possession (Claude’s beret, Betty’s Boutique) and thinking about how we can include these in our writing.



In Topic we were faced with a detective challenge. We were given a piece of bread, a sign saying Pudding Lane, a map of London and a diary extract from somebody named Samuel Pepys. Can you guess what they were all from? The Great Fire of London! We watched videos to explore what London was like at that time and made a timeline to show how the events unfolded.

In Science we explored what a fire needs, and carried out an experiment to see what would happen if we put a glass over a burning flame. Please ask your children about what happened and why! Fire safety was a key part of our lesson.



Friday 22nd November was the last day the children were allowed their scripts in rehearsal with them. Please ensure your child has learnt all of their lines, and where they appear in the nativity, in preparation for rehearsals next week with no scripts. Similarly, costumes are due in no later than Friday 29th November, please see or Mrs Middlemore or Miss Ryan if you have any questions.


Week 2 (w/c 11th November)



In maths this week, we have continued to think about adding together 2 numbers. We have added a 1-digit number to a 2-digit number, and added two 2-digit numbers together. We have been learning to use the column method to record our calculations, and how to regroup the numbers when we have more than 9 ones in our answer. 


We have also started to think about using the column method to help us to record our subtraction calculations.



In English, we have discovered that Claude is going to visit the city. We have plotted his route on a map, and written a postcard to Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes to explain what Claude has seen so far. We have also discovered that not all of the characters in the book are "good" characters, and have been imagining what they are thinking!



In our topic lessons this week, we have been looking a the difference in houses in Didcot following our local area walk. We have also thought about the similarities and differences within our own households, recognising that all families are different, and that's OK! Finally, we have been investigating how people travel to school, and compiling a pictogram to record our results.


We have been for a walk through time, without leaving Didcot!

Week 1 (w/c 4th November)



This week we have continued with our addition and subtraction topic.

First we practiced exchanging ten 1s for one 10 in preparation for adding two numbers together that bridge a ten (eg. 16+7=).

We then used tens frames to work out addition calculations, we partitioned the smaller number to help us fill the tens frames, as seen below.

We also practiced adding three 1-digit numbers together, using number bonds to help us. For example:

2+5+8=? We know that 2+8=10 and 10+5=15 so 2+5+8=15.

1+9+4 =? We know that 1+9=10 and 10+4=14 so 1+9+4=14.

We also partitioned numbers to help find number bonds to 10, as shown in the picture..

Following this, we have learnt how to add two 2-digit numbers together using column addition without bridging 10 (so the ones total 9 or less, eg 34+55).




In English we have been investigating a new book! We know that there is a character called Claude and he has a best friend called Sir Bobblysock. We thought about what makes a good friend and the adventures friends may have together. We then thought of an adventure that Sir Bobblysock and Claude may like to on to and wrote about this.

We have also been learning about compound words and the children have been challenged to think of as many as possible, including any with 3 words!

Our busy week ended with learning about adverbs and how to change an adjective into an adverb by adding -ly. We made sure to look out for adjectives ending in y as we know we must 'drop the y and and ily' such as happy -> happily.



In Science we have continued to study materials. We have been investigating what materials different objects are made out of and the suitability of each for their job. For example, glass is a suitable material for a window because it is strong and you can see through it.



We have been busy beginning to learn the songs for our nativity production and practicing the lines. The children have all taken their scripts home with them – please help your child to learn their lines and where their part appears in the play.