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Don't forget that term finishes at 1.30pm on Friday 19th July. The new academic year starts on Wednesday 4th September. We look forward to seeing you all then, have a lovely Summer holiday!

Summer 1: Scrumdiddlyumptious

In our Art lesson this week with Mrs Ashcroft we have been doing some food art portraits of a celebrity ... can you guess who it is?

Week 5

Topic – Experiment

In our topic lessons this week we have conducted our very own science experiment, testing to see whether the ‘5 second rule’ actually works. We have used a variety of different foods and have dropped them on the floor for different durations to see the effects. We have talked about fair testing in order to get an accurate result, as well as drawing upon our predictions to see whether our first thoughts were correct.


English – Cadburys

Our English lessons this week have been focussed around our trip to Cadbury world last week. Our aim for the week was to create our own oral information guide for different sections of the Cadbury adventure. This allowed us to build upon previous weeks’ work, creating our own scripts and thinking about a variety of different sentence types that engage the listener and give them appropriate information.


Maths – Time

Our maths lessons have been focussed around time. We have looked at telling the time to the nearest minute in a variety of different ways. We have explored the time past the hour and to the hour, as well as telling the time in a digital format. Towards the end of the week we have been using AM and PM to determine whether the activities are happening in the morning or afternoon, as well as reasoning to justify our answers.

Week 4

Topic – Cadburys

In preparation for our trip tomorrow our topic lessons have been filled with chocolate. We have been looking at the history of Cadburys and how they revolutionised the working world when opening their first chocolate factory in Birmingham. We have also looked at how the Cadbury’s dairy milk wrapper has changed over the last 100 years, before having the chance to design our own wrapper.


Maths – Measurement

In our maths lessons this week we have moved onto our new topic of measurement particularly focussing on time. We have explored different times of the day and how to use the clocks understanding the different hands and what all the markings on a clock represent. We have also taken our understanding to the next level by interpreting Roman numerals up to 12.


English – Poetry

Our English lessons this week have been focussed around performance poetry. We have watched some videos of poets performing their poems analysing their facial expressions and change of voice that they use to really bring their poem to life. We were then given the chance to plan and create some of our own poems with the focus being our favourite food relating to our class topic of scrumdiddlyumptious.


Here are some photos of us painting our water lily clay models

Week 3

Topic – Food Groups

In our topic lessons this week we have been learning all about healthy eating and different food groups. We have explored the different foods that make up each food group as well as the correct portions of each we should consume per day. We have looked at different foods and had a debate as a class to decide whether each food is healthy or not whilst understanding the importance of a balanced diet.


Maths – Fractions

In our maths lessons, we have moved onto our last section of our fractions topic of addition and subtraction. We have gone through how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator, as well as pushing ourselves by using different denominators, using reasoning to explain our answers.


English – Cooking Show

In our English lessons we have been writing up our own cooking show scripts using a variety of different sentence types to give our writing more credibility. We have also explored the use of stage directions and how these can help us when performing, giving extra detail allowing us to know what actions to perform.  The pupils have then used their scripts to perform their own cooking show, taking on different roles leading the show and recording eachother’s.

Week 2

Topic – Journey of a banana

In our topic lessons this week we have been looking at the journey of a banana from tree to bowl. We have explored all the different processes bananas go through in order to for us to have them in our fruit bowl at home. We have explored how and where they are grown, the strict regulations that the UK have in order for them to be imported and how they are transferred in certain conditions to help ripen the bananas.


English – Cooking show

In our English lessons this week we have been exploring play scripts and cooking shows, having a go at acting some out ourselves, swapping roles so we experience these from different points of view. We have looked at the style and the language that is used to draw the audience’s attention, with our end goal being to create our own cooking show.


Maths –  Fractions

Our maths lessons have continued to be focussed around fractions, exploring equivalent fractions and ordering fractions using terminology such as ascending and descending. We have also looked at different problem solving questions, that has begun to test our thinking whilst using our reasoning skills to justify our answers.

Here are some photos of us making our pancakes

Week 1

Topic – Scrumdiddlyumptious

We have started our new topic for the term that focusses all around food. This week within our topic lessons we have looked at which countries are famous for which foods. We have also started our topic off with some cooking, having the opportunity to make and eat some pancakes using a simple recipe.


English – Recipes

Our English lessons this week have focussed around recipes. We have looked at many different recipes for making pancakes through videos and cook books. We were then given the opportunity to write our own recipes using imperative verbs and our own special ingredients.


Maths – Fractions

In our maths lessons this week we have carried on with our topic of fractions. We have now moved onto looking at comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions. We have extended our learning through our reasoning, highlighting things that are incorrect and the mistakes that have been made.