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Don't forget that term finishes at 1.30pm on Friday 19th July. The new academic year starts on Wednesday 4th September. We look forward to seeing you all then, have a lovely Summer holiday!

Summer 2: Tribal Tales

Week 6

It has been another very busy week in year 3 this week with lots of exciting things going on. At the start of the week there has been lots of play rehearsal followed by our performances which have all been fantastic. We have continued to focus on our topic of mass and capacity in maths, this week comparing and converting different measurements whilst using our problem solving and reasoning skills to help us answer questions. Our English lessons have been focussed around our grammar and punctuation, making sure we are all confident with key concepts as we move into year 4. The pictures below were taken from our Maths lesson exploring litres and millilitres.

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Week 5

Topic – Stonehenge

Our topic lessons have been focussed around Stonehenge. We have looked at the history of Stonehenge, seeing how and when it was built as well as its purpose. We were then given the opportunity to create our own Stonehenge out of biscuits, arranging them in a similar pattern to the original.


Maths – Adding and Subtracting Mass

Our maths lessons have continued to focus upon mass, exploring addition and subtraction of different amounts. We have also looked at converting kilograms into grams to aid us with our calculations as well as interpreting them in different ways using bar models and the whole part whole method.


English – Poems

In our English lessons this week we have been creating our own poems about school. We have all taken different approaches, looking at our dream school / nightmare school thinking about the different language and sentence types we can include to emphasise our poems.

Week 4

Topic – Hunter gathers to farmers

In our topic lessons this week we have been exploring how we have evolved from hunter gatherers to farmers. We have been analysing the stone age and looked at how farming started from the earliest human settlers to the present.


Maths – Mass and Capacity

In maths we have started our new topic of mass and capacity. The children were introduced to a set of weighing scales where we have been recording different weights of Items in Kilograms and Grams. We have also begun to convert between the two weights identifying how many grams make up a kilogram.


English – Africa

In our English lessons this week we have continued to explore our chosen African countries, continuing our factual piece of writing on its history and culture. We have also looked at editing our work checking through our grammar, spelling and punctuation whilst comparing it to the writing expectations for year 3 .

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Week 3

Topic – Archaeology & Periods of time

In our topic lessons this week we have been exploring the different periods of time. We have been looking at the Stone Ages, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We have been comparing these different time periods and understanding what made each of them so important getting us where we are today. We have also been exploring archaeology. We have been looking at what archaeologists are and what they do, whilst becoming one ourselves and exploring some parts to our school site.


Maths – Shape

In our maths lessons we have continued with our topic of shape. We have been exploring different lines and angles (perpendicular, parallel, acute, obtuse and right) whilst identifying these in different objects around the room. We have also been looking at 3D shapes and describing these using key terms such as: faces, edges and vertices.


English – Africa

We have continued to explore Africa in our English lessons. The children were set the task to pick their own African country and perform some research looking into its history and culture. Their research was then used to write a factual story about their chosen country using a variety of different sentence types including: expanded noun phrases, similes, metaphors and open ended questions.

Here are a selection of photos from over the week including the bike race, music workshop and our light experiment.

Week 2

Topic – Light

In our topic lessons this week we have been exploring light. With have firstly established the different light sources that there are in the world and what these give us. We have also talked about the dangers of the sun and what we can do to protect ourselves. We were then given the opportunity to conduct our own experiments to test different surfaces and their reflections, to determine which material best reflects light.


English – African Tales

In our English lessons we have started looking at our new class text of African Tales. We have explored the first part of the book and looked at the style of language that it uses to broadcast its information. Our task over the week has been to annotate a section of the text, breaking it up into sections before re-writing it into their own story.


Maths – Geometry

In our maths lessons we have moved onto our new topic of shape exploring turns and angles. We have looked at key terms such as: right, obtuse and acute and are now able to identify which angle is which in a variety of different shapes. We have also been looking at the turns on a clock face answering questions involving the hour hand moving a quarter turn anti-clockwise/ clockwise and identifying what the new time would be.

Week 1


Steam Week – Plastic pollution

We have had a busy first week back after half term. This week has been a whole school focus week on the plastic pollution. In year 3 we have watched a number of different videos and had discussions about this ongoing problem that is having such a huge impact to the environment. In our topic lessons we have being creating our own slogans and designs to help put a stop to plastic pollution as well as thinking about how we could clean it up. In our English lessons we have created our own newspaper reports to highlight the issue whilst using a variety of different sentence types to grasp the reader’s attention. In maths we have been completing our last week on time topic focussing on durations firstly, identifying what a duration is before taking part in our own activities and predicting how long we think they would take us to perform.