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Term has now ended. Have a safe and happy Summer break and we look forward to seeing you all and welcoming many new faces in September! Term starts on Thursday 3rd September.


Week 3 (w/c 9th March)


We have been continuing to explore length and height this week. We accurately measured objects using a ruler and understanding this is a standard unit of measurement as the ruler measures in cm. 

We will be finishing the week with a maths investigation- 'How tall can we make a robot?' connecting lots of different pieces of different robots together! 



We had a special set of visitors this week- a guide dog and his owner! We talked all about the guide dog being a real life superhero- ask us why?! We also looked at a superhero from the past in History- Mary Seacole and learnt all about the medicines she made from herbs to help the soldiers. We then made our own herbal bag choosing our favourite herb. Ask us what basil and rosemary were used for! 


We are having a whole day DT project day on Thursday creating a superhero superfoods smoothie! We will explore a healthy diet and what makes some foods super before designing and making our own. We will then get to taste it and decide if anything needs changing to improve it next time. 


In computing we will be creating a recipe to film as a chef, voice over and camera person! 




Week 2 (w/c 2nd March)


English- World Book Week

To kick off our World Book Week, we had a trip to our school library and spent some time reading some of our favourite books. On World Book Day, we had a visit from the Wallingford Bookshop who exchanged our tokens for a book that we were able to keep and take home. On Friday, our school dress up day, we dressed up as our favourite book characters!

We had a group of Year 4 children visit in the afternoon to share a story with us. To finish off our dress up day, we had a visit from the local librarians who read us the story of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Red Bath. 


In English this week, we have been learning about the features of a comic strip. We learnt that comic strips include speech bubbles, scream bubbles, onomatopoeia, caption boxes and thought bubbles. We then thought about how we could use the end of 'Traction Man' to create our own comic strips. We chose two objects in the classroom and created our own comic strips. Finally, on our dress up day for World Book Day, we had an author masterclass from Sophy Henn, an expert on creating comic strip characters.


In maths this week, we have started to look at length and height. We have learned that length is the distance between two ends and that height is the length that goes up. We have thought about how to use non-standard units, such as linking cubes and paper-clips to measure the length and height of objects. On Friday, we learned about how to use a ruler correctly to measure the length and height of objects, ensuring that we included centimetres at the end of our number.



In science, we have continued to look at materials. This week, we have looked carefully at the difference between an object and the material of what it was made from. For example, we noticed that reading glasses were made from everyday materials such as glass, metal and plastic. We have thought carefully about why objects are made from certain materials and not others.

Topic- History

In history this week, we have been learning about Florence Nightingale. We found out that she is a significant individual because she positively changed the way that hospitals looked after their patients and made them much cleaner. After learning that she was known as the 'Lady of the Lamp', everyone made a lamp.

Week 1 (w/c 24th February)


In Maths we have been continuing to work with our numbers from 1-50. We have been ordering numbers from greatest to smallest and smallest to greatest using our knowledge of tens and ones to help us identify this order. 


We are also learning to count in 2's and 5's. 


In science we are learning all about materials. We have been thinking about the actual raw material, for example, rock, wood, metal, plastic and glass. We have then thought about objects being from which of these materials as well. 

Other learning.....


In our PSHE lessons we have a focus on healthy eating this term and we will be learning about a balanced diet. 


We have started to engage in our new Superheroes topic and we have begun to think about what we know and what we would like to find out and shown some super poses so far!


In computing we will be learning how to film a recipe on an ipad.