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Don't forget that term finishes at 1.30pm on Friday 19th July. The new academic year starts on Wednesday 4th September. We look forward to seeing you all then, have a lovely Summer holiday!

Term 1- Bright Lights, Big City

Welcome to Term 1- Bright Lights, Big City 

Our first Topic is all about the capital city London. We will look at this across the curriculum and think about where it is located on a map in Geography; we will think about London in the past, including how transport has changed in History; we will also link in our Art by creating the Landmarks and transport using a range of techniques. 

Week 15 October 


 In maths this week, we  have continued to learn about  fact families and have used the number track to count on  from a given number to find the total. 






Picture 1
In topic, we reviewed all that we now know  that  about  our topic-  Bright lights, Big City  and  have created some interesting  facts  about landmarks in the city of London.

Week 8th October

In maths this week, we  have continued to focus on partitioning numbers in different ways. We have also used the ten frames to help us  partition 10 in a systematic way.

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On Monday, we went to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra perform the Highway Rat at the Royal Festival Hall. During the performance we joined in the voice warm up exercise and perform the Highway Rat song alongside the orchestra.  We really enjoyed our trip to London as we got to see some of the famous landmarks we have been learning about in topic. We also wrote a recount about our trip to London.  

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Week 1st October 

This week in Maths we have been learning how numbers can be partitioned which has then helped us to add two numbers together. We have thought carefully about how the two numbers added together are the 'parts' and the number these two parts equal is the 'whole'. 


Please see how we have been learning to do this below. 

Picture 1

In Geography this week we have identified and named the 7 continents. We have learnt a song to help us as well as locating them and labelling them on a map of the world. We even found the United Kingdom and named the continent it is in. 


We celebrated Poetry Day by listening to and learning a poem all about the changes there are when we have a cold.


We also spent some time looking at the story 'The Highway Rat' before our trip next week. We thought about what an orchestra is, what instruments there are, as well as watching an orchestra play. We have been practising two fabulous songs about 'The Highway Rat' that we will be able to join in with next week on our London trip. 

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Week 24th September

This week in Maths we have been thinking about if a number is equal to, greater than or less than another number. We have been using the mathematical signs shown below. 

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In Topic we have been looking at maps of the United Kingdom and have been locating the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. We also used a dance to help us remember the location of each country. Why not ask your child to show you the dance and moves!


Picture 1

We celebrated Harvest as a whole school on Wednesday afternoon too and Year One performed a song all about being down at the allotment growing vegetables. Well done to Year One for a fantastic performance in front of a large audience. 



Week beginning 17th September 

This week in Maths the children have been finding one more and one less of a given number to 20 and they have been using number lines to help them to think about if it is the number before or the number after. 


In Science we have been continuing to think about our body and have explored our senses. We have been on a sound walk thinking about our hearing as well as a sense of touch walk. The children have also had the opportunity to use their sense of smell and taste to see what they like and dislike. 


Our Sound Walk

Our Sound Walk  1

In Topic we have been learning about the Queen. We wrote our own facts as well as doing a portrait of the Queen looking closely at the detail in the picture we used to draw from. 

Our fact work about the Queen

Our fact work about the Queen 1

Week beginning 10th September 2018


This week in Maths we have been focussing on Number and we have been finding one more and less of a given number using objects and a number line.


In phonics we have started to learn sounds that include our 'Special Friends' including ay, ee and igh


We have met Jigsaw Jack this week. This talking object links to our Personal, Social and Emotional curriculum. We were thinking about how to feel safe and special at school and thinking about this now we are in a new classroom with new adults. 


In Science we have been thinking all about our bodies and what special things each part can do. We have linked this to our senses and focussed on our sight and hearing. 

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Beginning of Term 1- Week beginning 3rd September

The children have settled well into their new classrooms and routines in Year One in their first two days. 


We have started Maths lessons where the children have been learning the new skill of working with a partner at their tables whilst thinking about the idea of sorting objects in many different ways. 


They have also produced their first piece of writing this week thinking all about a Landmark in London they would like to visit and why. They were challenged to remember all of their punctuation as well as thinking about starting their sentence with something other than 'I'. 


In Art Year One have learnt to collage by tearing and gluing paper within an outline. Can you guess which London landmarks we have created?


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