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Thursday June 4th: School opens for Group B Reception and Year 1, agreed nursery places and agreed key worker classes in Years 2-5. Nursery and Key worker groups are all full. We are unable to accept any more.

Term 1- 'Do you want to be friends?'

Week 8

21st- 25th October 2019



This week the children celebrated the ending of our first topic by baking biscuits. We worked together to measure and mix the ingredients! Please see the photos below.


Cross Country

On Monday the children got their running shoes on and set off across the school grounds in their first school cross country!  The children showed brilliant effort and teamwork, and a good time was had by all!


The children have had an excellent start to their school year during Term 1! We look forward to welcoming them back in Term 2 when our topic will be ‘Why do squirrels hide their nuts?’


Exploring Time

Monday 14th October - Friday 18th October 


This week in Reception we have finished looking at the story Owl Babies with some acting and role play with puppets. The children have really enjoyed exploring the different themes of the book and are keen to find out what book we will be exploring next term!




In maths this week we have focused on calculating with numbers 0-5, in reception this is showing how numbers can be made in different ways using movable objects. For example, the children were given two boxes and 5 teddies and explored how many different ways the teddies could be sorted into the boxes: 2 and 3, 4 and 1 and 0 and 5.


Group times


Our topic of "Do you want to be friends?" is during to a close and we are finishing with different team building and partner work games. A particular favourite included children making muddy footprints on paper and comparing these with a partner looking at footprint size, shape and pattern.


As always, the children have continued their learning though their exploring time. Have a look at what we have been doing! 





Monday 7th October-Friday 11th October



In maths this week the children have been learning about the numbers three and four. Amongst other things, we have been thinking about how the numeral looks, how the number is written as a word, and also thinking about one more and one less than that number.



In topic this week, the children used the camera to take a photo of a friend and say what it is they like about that person. On Tuesday the children got involved in a game called ‘Friendship Colours’, this involved each child painting their hand and then holding hands with a friend to find out what colours could be made by mixing the paint- the children really enjoyed the very messy, very fun activity! (please see the photos below)


Exploring Time

The children have been busy exploring the inside and outside learning environment. Take a look at the photos below to see what they have been up to!

Week 5


Monday 30th September- Friday 4th October


This week in Reception we have continued our topic: "Do you want to be friends?". The children have thought about different feelings, emotions and friendships with the story The Lion and the Mouse. They have also thought a lot about similarities and differences between each other, we discussed in detail that it is good to be unique and be different to our peers but how we all have similarities as well.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

In maths this week we have started looking at numbers 0,1 and 2 in detail. We have discussed how these numbers can be represented in lots of different ways including:

  • Numerals
  • Numicon
  • Holding up fingers
  • Quantities
  • Sides on a dice
  • Plus many more!


As a home learning activity, see if you can spot numerals 0,1 and 2 on the journey to and from school!


The children have done lots of work on a story book "Owl babies" which links to this terms topic. The children thoroughly enjoy exploring the different themes from the book and have completed activities such as wanted posters and letters to Mummy Owl and acting out parts of the story.
Picture 1
The children have continued to learn through play during their exploring time:


Week 4


23rd-27th September



This week in maths the children have been introduced to the term ‘Capacity’, and have begun to understand that this means the amount that something can contain. The children have used the sand, water, rice and multilink to explore the concept of capacity and the meanings of ‘full, empty, half full/empty, nearly full/empty’.



Our topic group times this week have continued to build on the understandings of relationships and friendship, as well as, our roles and responsibilities within in the classroom.



The children were very excited to have their first PE lesson this week! The first session focused on developing the skills to independently change, followed by some fun instruction games in the hall.


Phonics and Reading

Daily phonic sessions have continued this week for all the children. This week the children have been introduced to the sounds ‘c, k, u, b, f’, please don’t forget to support your child to complete their daily homework sound sheet.

The children have now all been issued with reading books and a reading journal, your child’s books will be changed weekly. We ask you to please support your child’s reading by reading at home with them daily for a short amount of time.


Exploring Time

As always the children have been very busy during Exploring Time, please see the photos below.




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Week 3


Monday 16th-Friday 20th September


The children have had a fantastic week and continued to settle into the Reception routines.




We have continued our topic of: "Do you want to be friends?" with learning turn-taking, 'how to be a good friend' and buddying games in our group times, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. We have also begun to look at a special book linked to this topic: "Owl Babies", the children have worked together to think of the Baby Owls' feelings, act these out and also construct a poem. 




The children have learned a further 5 sounds this week which are: 'i, n, p, g and o". Please encourage your children to complete the sound writing homework sheet to help deepen this learning.




We continued to sing maths songs as our transition into maths lessons. These have included: "5 speckled frogs", "5 little ducks", "5 little men in a flying saucer" and "5 currant buns". See if your child can sing these songs at home.


Exploring time


The children have continued to use the indoor and outdoor areas purposefully and creatively during their exploring time. Have a look at some pictures below:


Weeks 1 and 2 - 4th September- 13th September 2019


The children have had a great start to Term 1 in Reception. They have been introduced to the daily routines in the classroom and within the wider school environment, and have spent time getting to know one another and the Reception Staff.


Group Time

In Group Learning time we have focused on supporting the children to build positive relationships. By playing games that involve sharing our names and information about ourselves, the children have begun to learn each other’s names and make new friends.


Phonics and Homework

The children are now having daily phonic sessions in which they will be introduced to one letter/sound daily, as well as embedding knowledge of the previously learned sounds. Over the coming weeks, the children will be bringing home a homework sheet daily which focuses on the sound that has been introduced to them that day. There is no need to return these homework sheets to school, it is for your child to keep and work on at home.


Wow Cards

As you will have seen, the children have also been sent home ‘Wow Cards.' These are for you to record anything amazing that your child does when they are not in school. We love sharing these special moments at school and we really enjoy hearing about what your child has been up to! If you require more ‘Wow Cards,' there is a box of them located on the wall outside Cherry Class door - please feel free to help yourself!


Exploring Time

The children have been very busy investigating their new classrooms over the past week and a half. Please look at the photos below to see what they have been up to.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
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