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Term 1 - Urban Pioneers

Week 7 - 19th October


English - This week we have been learning all about cities of the future. We started by looking at different persuasive text types including travel guides of different places around the world. We identified persuasive language and structures to build on our understanding of non-fiction texts. We then completed some research into different cities of the future including predictions of what our homes and transport may look like. We finished the week by creating a leaflet about a city of the future focusing on including persuasive language and key features such as headings and sub headings to structure our work. 


Maths - This week we have continued to work at using different methods to complete addition and subtraction calculations. We have found different ways to use different items to assist in our calculations and completed calculations in both the column method and identifying the most simple calculation method.


Wider Curriculum - This week has been very exciting with our whole school dance competition, our glow stick dance and a bridge building workshop to complete the week. Thank you to Miss Milnes for teaching us our dance this term. 

Bridge Building

Week 6 - 12th October


English - This week we have completed reading our story, Belle and the Bee. We have discussed the story in detail and spoken about what we liked and didn't like about our story. We then created a puzzles and connections list of questions that we could ask the author. You can see our view points below. 


Maths - We have been working hard to complete addition and subtraction questions in lots of different ways. We have used number lines, place value grids, base ten and the column method to show our understanding and answer the questions wen an exchange is present. We have been applying this to more complex questions too where there may be more than one exchange. 


Topic - This week we have learnt all about ordinance survey maps and investigated what the maps look like for our area. We have used a key and found places and view points using a four digit grid reference number. Later in the week we have started our innovate challenge for the topic. We have planned a community art project to celebrate our learning and have started to create our tiles which will be joined together at the end to create a mural in the hall. . 

Week 5 - 5th October


English - This week we have continued to read our story of Belle and the Bee. We looked at how the countryside is different to the city of Paris and what it would be like to be in the french countryside. We created a vocabulary bank and planned our writing to inform a longer descriptive piece all about what it is like in the countryside. 


Maths - We have continued with our addition and subtraction topic. We have been using lots of different methods to complete addition and subtraction. We have used our number bonds to 10 and 100 to help us with calculations with and without exchanges. each day we have completed a problem solving activity to work out all possible outcomes for a number sentence. This has been trickier than we first thought. 


Topic - We started our week by looking at the earth from space. We noticed that there were really pretty patterns made from the lights of more populated areas than over the sea or where less people live. We used atlases to look at the shape of countries and continents and painted these onto black card. We then added soft pastels to our work to create the effect of clouds around the earth. 

Week 4 - 28th September


English - This week we have been learning all about nature and the animals who live in the countryside. We started by comparing the main character of the story to the bee and writing our information into a paragraph. We spent Wednesday researching different woodland animals and created a fact file of non fiction information on Thursday. Today we have been learning all about how important bee's are and have created a listie poem with the starting point; If there were no buzz...


Maths - This week we have been continuing to learn all about different ways to complete addition and subtraction questions. We have used lots if different resources to create our number bonds and use this to help us with our addition and subtraction. we have recaped adding one digit to digit numbers  We completed the week by adding one digit numbers to three digit numbers using an exchange. 


Wider Curriculum - In topic this week we have been learning lots of different facts about Berlin and London, we compared our facts to write a comparison of the two cities. We researched different types of industry and the types of space that is found. We also spoke about the Berlin wall and why it was demolished in 1989. On Friday we learnt about different graffiti in Berlin and then created our own graffiti letters in art. 

Week 3 - 21st September 


Maths - Place Value

This week we have completed our unit on place value. We have compared and ordered numbers using our understanding of more than and less than symbols. We also discussed ascending and descending number sequences and how we could identify the correct order of numbers. On Thursday we created links between our 5 and 50 times table and how we could use this to work out multiplication and division questions. We noticed that our 50 times tables we ten times the answers to our 5 times tables. 


English - Belle and the Bee

This week we have been thinking about where Belle is in both the city and the country side. We created a vocabulary bank on Monday to describe Paris in the day and then built on this further to create a clear description of Paris in the light and the dark. We have continued to read the story and have create predictions and discussed how Belle would be feeling at different points in the story. 

We created freeze frames of what was happening to Belle. 


Topic - Around our area (Oxfordshire)

This week we have been learning all about our local area. We worked with Miss Cronk to research famous people who have lived in Oxfordshire and learned about our local history with Mrs Middlemore. We finished the week with a lesson all about different buildings in Oxford and the history that surrounds them. Chestnut's favourite building was Christchurch Cathederal because it was used to inform the set of Harry Potter. Sycamore's favourite was the Radcliff Camera and Bodlian Library because it is able to hold so many books. 

Week 2 - 14th September 



This week we have been working to write a recount of events. We learnt about the features of a recount and how this was a non fiction text. We ordered the stops on our scavenger hunt and spoke about our thoughts for each piece of community art. On Thursday and Friday we wrote our recount using sequential words and paragraphs. We worked really hard to add in punctuation and proof read our work before handing it in. 


This week we have been developing our understanding of numbers up to 1000. We have explored number lines up to 100 and 1000 working out how many steps the number line would be increasing and using our time stable knowledge to work this out. We finished the week by working on adding and subtracting 1, 10, 100s from a number. 


This week we have been learning about light in science. We investigated what items would reflect light and which would not and made predictions about what items may be appropriate. We then talked about how some animals could use the reflective part of their eye to see in the dark and why this may be important for nocturnal animals. On Friday we investigated what happened to our shadows throughout the day and how they changed in shape and size. We found that as the sun moved across the sky our shadow moved in a clockwise direction. 

We also went on a walk to find community pieces of art which was really enjoyable. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parent volunteers who came along with us and helped. 

Week 1 - 7th September 



We have started the year with Place Value, we have revisited tens and ones using partitioning and resources to represent the numbers. We have built on this to discuss what is the same and what is different when talking about hundreds. We have discovered how to present numbers in different ways and how using resources can help us to prove our ideas. 



This week we have been learning about the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. If you would like to read the book again you can find it here.

We have been writing lots of our ideas down and have created some excellent pieces of descriptive writing and have developed these into poems all about space and the sky. We also created our own poses for a page in the book which talks about all the different people on earth and why they were included in the community. 



We have started our topic Urban Pioneers, focusing on life in a city. We had a look at busy cities in the light and dark and wrote down similarities and differences. We have also thought about how light can be identified and whether it is a source or reflector. We have started learning lots of different capital cities and even looked at some of the artwork you might find in them. We had a look at the work of Banksy and discussed why he may want to highlight certain issues at the moment. 



This week we have started learning skills in Hockey with Mrs Collins and learning a very special dance routine with Miss Milnes which will be recorded at the end of this term for the parents to watch.