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Term 1 - Urban Pioneers

Week 2 - 14th September 



This week we have been working to write a recount of events. We learnt about the features of a recount and how this was a non fiction text. We ordered the stops on our scavenger hunt and spoke about our thoughts for each piece of community art. On Thursday and Friday we wrote our recount using sequential words and paragraphs. We worked really hard to add in punctuation and proof read our work before handing it in. 


This week we have been developing our understanding of numbers up to 1000. We have explored number lines up to 100 and 1000 working out how many steps the number line would be increasing and using our time stable knowledge to work this out. We finished the week by working on adding and subtracting 1, 10, 100s from a number. 


This week we have been learning about light in science. We investigated what items would reflect light and which would not and made predictions about what items may be appropriate. We then talked about how some animals could use the reflective part of their eye to see in the dark and why this may be important for nocturnal animals. On Friday we investigated what happened to our shadows throughout the day and how they changed in shape and size. We found that as the sun moved across the sky our shadow moved in a clockwise direction. 

We also went on a walk to find community pieces of art which was really enjoyable. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parent volunteers who came along with us and helped. 

Week 1 - 7th September 



We have started the year with Place Value, we have revisited tens and ones using partitioning and resources to represent the numbers. We have built on this to discuss what is the same and what is different when talking about hundreds. We have discovered how to present numbers in different ways and how using resources can help us to prove our ideas. 



This week we have been learning about the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. If you would like to read the book again you can find it here.

We have been writing lots of our ideas down and have created some excellent pieces of descriptive writing and have developed these into poems all about space and the sky. We also created our own poses for a page in the book which talks about all the different people on earth and why they were included in the community. 



We have started our topic Urban Pioneers, focusing on life in a city. We had a look at busy cities in the light and dark and wrote down similarities and differences. We have also thought about how light can be identified and whether it is a source or reflector. We have started learning lots of different capital cities and even looked at some of the artwork you might find in them. We had a look at the work of Banksy and discussed why he may want to highlight certain issues at the moment. 



This week we have started learning skills in Hockey with Mrs Collins and learning a very special dance routine with Miss Milnes which will be recorded at the end of this term for the parents to watch.