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Term 1B London Forces

Weeks 6 and 7



Over the past two weeks, we have written and performed (in our classroom!) our poems about the weirdness of the English language. These will be performed again in February before a poetry judge, for the Rotary Club Year 5 inter-school poetry competition.



We have recapped multiplication, cumulative addition and spent time working on an area and perimeter investigation. 


Art and Design Technology

We have finished off our one-point perspective drawings of Carnaby Street.


We spent Monday designing, budgeting for and making our own roller coaster attractions for central London. We designed them to start at the top of famous buildings, such as the Shard or the Gherkin, and curve through The City.

Week 5


English - poetry and the weirdness of the English language 

This week, we have been looking at poems that discuss spelling rules. We’ve been using a complex sound chart to brush up on our alternate spelling patterns, phonemes and graphemes. We’ve looked at homophones, heteronyms, and idioms. Next week, we’re going to use what we have learned to write a humourous poem about the weirdness of the English language. Watch this space!


Topic - Geography and tourism

In our topic lesson, we have started looking deeply into London’s tourism market. 


After looking London’s shopping district, through one-point perspective drawing in art, we explored twenty of London’s largest attractions using Google maps. We discovering that many of the largest attractions were museums, (like the Natural History Museum) famous buildings built by modern architects (The Gherkin), or historical buildings and royal residences (St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London). We looked at one ride, the London Eye, which we will be looking at in greater depth through science (pulleys and levers) over the next couple of weeks. We are also learning about this through our class text, The London Eye Mystery.


Through our geography session, we have looked at London’s largest theme park, Thorpe Park, to understand why is has been built in Greater London instead of in the city centre. Using our map reading skills and computing skills, we have planned a journey to Thorpe Park using trains and automobiles. 


Next week, we will be comparing the site map of Thorpe Park with that of international theme parks, to see if we could design a roller coaster which could become a new attraction for London’s busy (and already-overcrowded!) city centre.

Testing pull forces (in newtons)

Testing pull forces (in newtons) 1
Testing pull forces (in newtons) 2
Testing pull forces (in newtons) 3

Looking for London’s tourism attractions

Looking for London’s tourism attractions 1
Looking for London’s tourism attractions 2

Week 4


Topic – London Forces

This week we have started our new topic of London Forces. It is a science based topic where we will be exploring different forces with a focus on rollercoasters. During our wider curriculum time this week we have been cracking the Ceasar cipher, and creating our own ciphers to generate super safe passwords to use online.


Maths – Area and Perimeter

In Maths we have continued with our topic of area and perimeter. We have taken our learning to the next level by measuring the perimeter of the playground and netball court. Using our perimeter knowledge, we were able to then work out of the area as well as how many laps of the netball court we would need to do in order to reach our mile.


English - performance poetry

What better way to kick off our poetry unit than to watch and critique famous poets perform as they perform their poetry? After this, we took apart these poems, decided what makes a good performance and created our own performances. We performed these on Thursday between the two classes, and the winners (Blue and Green house) performed their poems at the poetry slam on Friday. The performances are below, so you can watch how we got on!

Please, Mrs Butler performance

Still image for this video

I Opened a Book performance

Still image for this video

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf performance

Still image for this video
Half of the stunning performance by Year 5 Blue house - it was so long that the full video would not upload!

The Sound Collector performance

Still image for this video