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Please come to the office if you need extra nativity tickets and we will try to accomodate you where possible.

Term 2 - 'Why do squirrels hide their nuts?'

Week 5


Monday 2nd - Friday 6th December


This week, Reception have really embraced the Christmas theme in classroom including meeting our Elf on the Shelf Cookie! Our cheeky Elf has been spotted in different places between Hazel and Cherry classrooms and the children have begun writing letters to him!



In maths this week, we have consolidated our knowledge of addition calculations with numbers 0-10 and furthered this by writing these calculations into number sentences e.g. 4+6=10 


The children have continued to work hard on our Christmas Nativity performance which they will be performing next week, they are very excited to wear their costumes and show off their hard work!



We have come to the end of our topic "Why do squirrel's hide their nuts?" and the children have gained a lot of knowledge about the Autumn Season and woodland animals 

Week 4

25th- 29th November



This week in our topic sessions we have been thinking about Autumnal foods. One day we discussed our senses and thought about how we each have five senses: sight, hearing, touch, small and taste and we used these senses to explore a variety of food. After this, we then chose our favourite food and drew and labelled it.

In another session we predicted what would happen if we left the Autumnal food over a longer period of time. We have started an experiment of placing the food in different zip bags which we are going to keep in the classroom and watch carefully to see what happens. The children have predicted what they think will happen and we have noted this down to compare to the end results!



The children have used various resource, including tens frames, to calculate with numbers 6-10. We will be continuing to expand on this next week.



Nativity practise is well underway now and is lovely to see the production coming together as a result of all the children’s hard work and effort! All the children are very excited to have an audience soon!

Here are some photos of what the children have been up to this week!


Week 3


Monday 18th-22nd November



This week in maths we have focused on learning numbers 8,9 and 10 and representing these in different ways, these include:

  • Numeral
  • Quantity (concrete e.g. objects and abstract e.g. claps)
  • Numicon
  • Dotty Dice
  • written number e.g. ten
  • tens frame


Focusing on individual numbers in detail builds a solid foundation for working with numbers as they progress through the school.



The children have continued to learn about our topic "Why do squirrels hide their nuts?" thinking about woodland animals and hibernation. The children have thought carefully about what a woodland animal is and then finding out if they go into hibernation, why do this and when they do this.






The children have begun rehearsals for our Nativity performance: "Shine Star, Shine" they have worked hard to learn the songs and actions and we are now putting it together with some acting. They are very excited to perform it so please make sure you buy a ticket and come and see it!



The children were very lucky this week to be able to have the opportunity to receive a class drumming lesson. The children learnt about different notes and rhythms and explored performing this with voices, clapping and then on the drums. They all really enjoyed this. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Here is some pictures from exploring time:

Week 2

11th- 15th November



This week our topic work has focused on different woodland animals, migration and we have also started to think about what the word ‘hibernation’ means.



In maths this week the children have been focusing on learning all about the numbers 6, 7 and 8. We have worked on recognising these numbers, writing them, counting out the correct amounts of objects and working out what is one more/less than the number.



The children have been busily learning the songs for our Christmas production! The children have now all received a letter explaining their part in the production and the costume they will require. Thank you to those of you who have already sent in costumes, we ask that all costumes are in by the 29th November please.


Reading Breakfast

Thank you to all those that came to the Reception 'Reading Breakfast'. It was really lovely to see so many of the children and their families enjoying some great books!

Week 1 


Monday 4th November - Friday  8th November


With a new term is a new topic: "Why do squirrels hide their nuts?". At the beginning of the week the classes expressed what they would like to find out about the new topic and it was first explored on our trip to Sutton Courtenay Environmental Centre on Friday! The children learnt about the different senses and the different woodland animals that use these senses to live. Have a look at the photos below:




In maths this week the children have been looking at pattern, this includes recognising, continuing and creating their own two-step and three-step patterns. The children learnt that patterns could be anything including colours, objects, size, sounds, movements and more. The children explored creating their own patterns in a variety of differernt ways.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6