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Term 3 - I am Warrior

Week 6 - 10th - 14th February


This week we have been doing lots of wider curriculum learning. We have been working to complete projects in Computing, Design Technology, Art and of course practicing for our assembly. 


Computing - We have been using Google Chrome books to complete research and create our own Wikipedia pages on a famous Roman or Celtic Warrior. We started by researching the type of information we would need to include on our pages and then collected lots of research about our chosen person. We then presented this using our own Chrome books.  You can access these on the the children's Google accounts. 


Design Technology - We have been learning about mechanical systems this week. We worked through our design cycle by first looking at the customer and the purpose of our products and then completed annotated design ideas to work from. Next we tested all different kinds of mechanisms such as v-fold and stand mechanisms. We are going to share our creations during World book week with the year ones. 


Finally we would like to thank everyone who came to look at our books and watched the assembly. We have really enjoyed learning about the Romans especially dressing up as Centurions. Our photos are below. 

Roman Formations

Roman Formations 1
Roman Formations 2
Roman Formations 3
Roman Formations 4
Roman Formations 5
Roman Formations 6

We are Warriors!

We are Warriors! 1
We are Warriors! 2
We are Warriors! 3
We are Warriors! 4
We are Warriors! 5
We are Warriors! 6
We are Warriors! 7
We are Warriors! 8
We are Warriors! 9
We are Warriors! 10
We are Warriors! 11
We are Warriors! 12
We are Warriors! 13
We are Warriors! 14
We are Warriors! 15
We are Warriors! 16
We are Warriors! 17
We are Warriors! 18
We are Warriors! 19
We are Warriors! 20
We are Warriors! 21
We are Warriors! 22
We are Warriors! 23
We are Warriors! 24
We are Warriors! 25
We are Warriors! 26
We are Warriors! 27
We are Warriors! 28
We are Warriors! 29
We are Warriors! 30
We are Warriors! 31

Week 5 - 3rd - 7th February 


Maths - This week we have been learning about area. We have built on our knowledge of perimeter and started by counting squares. We discussed how our multiplication could help us with area and have used arrays to inform our calculations. 

English - This week we have been discussing how our story The Wolf’s Footprint is a historical fiction text. We have identified historical narrative and developed word banks to make our own narrative link with the historical setting. We have re-written the story from the perspective of Daw using lots of adjectives and adverbs to add atmosphere to the story. Our grammar focus has been speech and we have been starting to add speech to our stories. 

Topic - This week we have been identifying different ways the Romans influenced Britain. We have looked at Roman roads and how they built in straight lines. We have also learnt more about Boudicca and what the Romans thought about her. In geography we compared Italy and Britain and spoke about the similarities and differences. 

Week 4 - 27th - 31st January


Maths - We have completed our final week of Multiplication and Division. We have been working on using short division and the bus stop method to share two and three digit numbers into small groups. We have been using our timestable knowledge to help us here and have discussed the reason that remainders would happen. 


English - We have read Chapter four of the Wolf's Footprint and have re-told the story of the hunt. We have been working on telling the story with lots of descriptive writing and adding pace to our writing. We have included speech in this piece and have discussed how speech can move the story along in a different way to the narrative. 


Topic - This week we learnt about how Rome has changed and what monuments and landmarks still exist. We also completed research into life as a Roman to create profiles of the different types of Gladiators. We also read diary entries from Roman children to understand how life was different for boys and girls in Ancient Rome. 

Week 3 – 20th – 24th January


This week we have completed our multiplication unit, we have been discussing different ways we could approach multiplication and division questions. We have investigated how we could use equipment and pictures to help us with these questions. We have also discussed how we may need to use multiplication and division in real life especially when Miss Cronk needs to share sweets with the class.


This week we have continued to work on The Wolf’s Footprint. We have sequenced chapter two and then written the story adding atmosphere and drama to our writing. We have also used storytelling to retell chapter three from a different perspective. On Friday we wrote in the role of the wolves to understand another perspective and how life would be different for the wolves and the children.


This week we have been getting to know the enemy, we have created a fact file on how the Celts lived and how they were different to the Romans. We discussed why their settlements were at the top of a hill and how this would protect them from invaders. On Friday we completed an electricity experiment and investigated how electricity works. We made simple circuits and sorted items from the classroom into two categories and tested them to see if they conducted electricity.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Week 2 

13-17th January 2020


Maths - Roman Numerals & Multiplication

This week to start our I am Warrior topic we have been learning Roman Numerals. We calculated different sums using Roman Numerals and created number sequences of varying difficulty for each other to solve. 

We then investigated different methods to calculate multiplication problems. We found lots of different ways to work out these questions. 


English - The Wolf's Footprint

We started by looking at the cover illustration and making predictions about the story. We made connections with well known fairy stories and other books they had read. As the story goes on we discussed how the forest may feel. We created a whole class word bank and created atmosphere in our descriptive writing. 


Topic - The Roman Empire

This week ee created a chronological report of the Roman Empire in Britain. We started by looking at key words that were included such as Britania (Britain) and Scutum (shield). We discussed their meaning and how they linked to different parts of the expansion of the Roman Empire. We also discussed how the expansion of the Roman Empire was fought and defended by the Celts. 

Our science experiment this week was 'Did The Roman's Use Toilet Paper?' We tested lots of different materials to remove poo (Bovril) from a bottom (plate.) We found that the Romans had used a sponge on a stick but we did not agree that this was the most effective way to clean our bottoms. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Week 1 - Festival of Triangles


Maths - This week we have been learning all about triangles. We started by looking at the different types of triangle and how we could categorise and sort these based on their angles, sides and vertices. We then started to look at number pattern s linking to triangles. We looked at triangular numbers which are any numbers which make the shape of a triangle. For example; 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21. We looked at how these grew each time and noticed that each time we added a new line of counters the number would increase by 1 on each row. At the end of the week we looked at Pascal's triangle and how this sequence is used in natural structure and art works to make them more appealing to the eye. 


English - We have been learning about the African Slave Trade in English. We looked at how the movement of people, items and spices and tobacco were moved across the Atlantic Ocean. We discussed what this would be like for the people in the places and for the slaves too. We completed the week by looking at Harriet Tubman, a famous slave who freed over 70 slaves by using the underground railroad. 


Topic - We have been learning about triangles in everyday life. We looked at triangular design in architecture and how triangles can strengthen a building or structure. We discussed how triangles can enhance a design whilst improving the integrity of the building or how they could be used for decorative features only. We completed the week by creating a whole school Tetrahedron.