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Term 3: Mighty Metals

Week 1 - 07/01/20



Starting a new unit on the Iron Man this week, we initially reacted to one picture, observing all the different details including his glowing red eyes and shadow that looked like it had been painted. We then moved to writing descriptive sentences based on the first chapter. Utilising a tell-me grid (likes, dislike, puzzles and connections), we started forming our own opinions of the Iron Man. Towards the end of the week, we spotted the different grammatical features used (including similies and personification) before sequencing the illustrations.



We have been investigating everything triangular this week. Starting with the properties, we explored equilateral, isoceles and scalene triangles on geoboards. Next we looked at tangrams, investigating the 12 different triangles you can make using the 7 shapes. Spotting patterns in numbers, we explored triangular numbers (1,3,6,10,15) before using pascal's triangle to investigate other patterns. 



Starting our new topic, we wrote about what we knew and what we wanted to find out. We then used our understanding of chronological order to sequence a range of events linked to metals through history. As part of the Festival of Triangles, we also created our own tangrams using 12 straws, decorated bunting and made Islamic art based around triangles. 


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