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Term 4 - Mighty Metals

Week 5 (w/c 22nd March)



In maths this week, we have completed our end of term assessments - well done to everyone as you have all tried very hard. We have also continued to consolidate our knowledge of fractions from Year 2, thinking about thirds, unit and non-unit fractions. 




Next week, we will be completing this recap, thinking about equivalent fractions (one half = two quarters) and counting in fractions.


If you would like to refresh your knowledge to support your child, we are continuing to upload our daily lessons to Google Classroom!



In English this week, we have also completed reading, spelling and grammar assessments. We have then continued to read The Iron Man, and have been thinking about the reaction of the farmers to their missing machinery. We have lots of ideas about what the farming community could (or should) do next, and have planned a persuasive letter to convince them our idea is the best way forward. We will be using our planning to write the letters next week.



Wider Curriculum

In science this week, we have investigated magnetic fields,

finding out what happens to iron fillings when they are placed

above two magnets

with the poles together or opposite (N-N and N-S).




We have also investigated the properties of some household liquids to see

if they would be useful to clean copper coins - lemon juice, water,  vinegar, cola and Ketchup. Everyone was surprised to see how well the ketchup cleaned the coins!




In art, we have looked at the process of embossing metal and 

have designed and engraved our own designs on foil dishes to

replicate the process.      



Week 4 (w/c 15th March)


We have had another great week in Year 3.  The children have settled into the school routine and it is a pleasure to see such enthusiasm and engagement from everyone.



We are enjoying The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We are using some of the grammatical techniques we encountered last week such as similes and adverbs to make an impact on our reader.  We have been writing in the first person this week as the character Hogarth using emotive language.  The children have also been learning how to edit and improve their work.  Next week, we will be writing a persuasive letter to address the problem of The Iron Man eating the farm machinery.



In Maths, we have continued to revisit some of our disrupted Year 2 learning on fractions. We have been reminding ourselves of the differences between a half, a quarter and a third.  We are using technical language of numerators and denominators in preparation for next week’s exploration of unit and non-unit fractions.


Wider Curriculum

We continue with our science theme this week with our exploration of magnetism.  The children have been thoroughly absorbed in our science experiments this week to discover the strength of magnets and whether magnetism can be blocked.  We have been learning how to set out a formal science report to show our equipment, prediction, method, results and conclusion.  Next week, we continue our science experiments to investigate why magnets attract and repel. ​​​​​​​

Week 3 (w/c 8th March)


It has been fantastic to see all the children back in school this week; everyone has settled back into the routine brilliantly and been keen to learn - well done Year 3!



In English this week, we have started a new text - The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We are really enjoying this so far, and have been looking at the different grammatical techniques that the author has used to make an impact on the reader. We have only read the first chapter so far, but we have encountered:

  • similes
  • adverbs
  • repetition
  • personification
  • onomatopoeia

We have used these in our own writing to create a descriptive passage of our own, about the Iron Man's first appearance. ​​​​​​​Next week, we will be continuing the story and meeting a second character - Hogarth and writing from his perspective.



In Maths, we have completed our unit on length and perimeter by exploring how many different ways you can make a rectangle with a perimeter of 16cm and 18cm. We have now started the first of two units on fractions. The first of these concentrates on recapping our Year 2 learning, as this was one of the topics disrupted last year. This week, we have been reminding ourselves that fractions need to have equal parts, and have looked at different ways of dividing a shape or amount into equal parts. Next week, we will be reminding ourselves of the differences between an half, a quarter and a third.


Wider Curriculum

Our topic this term is very much science based; this week we have been exploring forces, identifying which force is being explored and explaining how this affects the motion of an object. The children have enjoyed exploring air resistance and friction. Next week, we will be thinking about magnets!


Exploring friction with spinners and cars, and air resistance with parachutes!

Mighty Metals


We will begin this topic when we return to school on March 8th.


We will be learning about forces, magnets and the incredible properties of metals. This project develops children’s knowledge of metal names, where they are found, their main properties and how metals can be used in everyday life.

There are lots of science investigations for this topic:

  • Can you block magnetism?
  • Why do magnets attract and repel?
  • What does friction do?
  • How mighty are magnets?

Or English will be based on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, and maths will be moving from length and perimeter to fractions. We will consolidate our year 2 learning for the remainder of this term, before moving on to new learning (still fractions) after Easter.


In PE we will be concentrating on Tennis and Basketball - our PE lessons remain on a Tuesday and Thursday, please come to school in your PE kit on these days.