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Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Week 3 (w/c 9th March)



This week we have continued to learn about fractions. 

We learnt how to find 1/4 of an amount and to recognise and find 1/3. We also learnt about unit and non-unit fractions and built our own fraction wall! We used a variety of representations including the bar model, part part whole model, shapes and diagrams to help us. 



In English we have read some more of the story and discovered that Rapunzel is escaping from the tower every day! She was nearly caught when the witch found a leaf in her hair, but Rapunzel told the witch it blew in from the window. We wrote a character description about Rapunzel (from the witch's point of view) considering maybe Rapunzel isn't so kind and wonderful after all... 



In History we have been learning about coats of arms and we designed our own shields. We thought carefully about the symbols and pictures we could use to represent ourselves. 

We have conducted a science experiment investigating how tall you can build a tower. We learnt about towers through time and figured out the secret to building a tall, sturdy tower.

We then continued to learn about towers by finding out the location of different towers around the world and marking these on a world map. 



We had a great time enjoying the selection of books brought in my the bookshop and we also learnt about our local library. Lots of the children were shocked to hear that a library card is free and that they can borrow up to 20 books!

Week 2 (w/c 2nd March)



In maths this week, we have started to look at fractions. We have reminded ourselves that fractions are equal parts, and have used our previous learning about shape, multiplication and division to identify equal parts. We have also thought about a half - where the whole has 2 parts - and a quarter, where the whole has 4 parts.



In science, we have continued to observe the growth of our bulbs.  We have looked carefully at how the roots and shoots are beginning to develop,

and drawn an updated diagram to show what has changed.

We were surprised at how quickly some of the bulbs have grown!







Topic - History

In history this week, we have been researching castle defences. We have found out about the portcullis, murder holes, spiral staircases and arrow loops. We are then using this information to create leaflets to  share with Year 1. Everyone has been really enthusiastic to learn about this, and enjoyed creating the information leaflet.



Finally, in English we have been finding out more about Rapunzel. We have imagined we were Rapunzel and written a diary entry for a typical (boring) day in the tower. We then found out that Rapunzel leaves the tower to explore the forest, so we imagined that we were exploring the classroom for the first time ever and thought about how that would change how we behaved outside. Finally, we wrote another diary entry for the day we went exploring, thinking about how different we felt then.



Imagining this was our first ever experience of the outdoors...

Week 1 (w/c 24th February)


This term our topic is Towers, Tunnels and Turrets!



We begun our castle topic by looking at the history of castles and how castles have changed over time. We then built our own castle wall out of building bricks and conducted a science experiment to knock it down! We fired projectiles (balls) made of different materials at the wall and recorded how many bricks each ball knocked down. We have also been learning about the parts of a caste and the importance of each part.

In Science we have been investigating how plants grow in Winter. We have planted our own bulbs and we are excited to see them grow!



We have finished our shape unit by counting the number of edges, faces and vertices on 3D shapes, identifying lines of symmetry on 2D shapes and exploring nets of 2D shapes. Our next unit in Maths is fractions, where we will build upon our knowledge from the units on shape and multiplication and division. 



We have started a new book in English but our teachers covered the front and back of the book so that we don't know what it is! We have explored the first few pages of the story and discovered that it is about a witch and a girl with long, golden hair... 

We have looked for clues within the illustrations of the characters and thought about what their personalities may be like. Ask your child about the witch's underwear and I'm sure you will have a giggle!