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What happens when I fall asleep

Week 2


Monday 11th January - Friday 15th January


Makaton sign this week is: Milk

Next week is: Bed



Please find the newsletter for our class below explaining the weeks updates!


Term 3 week 5th Jan- 8th Jan

Happy new year!

It has been a very unusual start to the term but it has been lovely to see children either in school or virtually.

Learning from this week:


Children have been revising some ‘special friend’ sound this week, these were ‘ch, sh, th and qu’. Other groups have learnt set 2 sounds ‘ay, ee, and igh’.


We have started our term with work on positional language and spatial awareness. Children have been using words such as ‘under, on, in, next to’. Challenge words have included using left, right and between.


We were due to have art week at the start of this term, whilst this is difficult to do virtually, children have looked at the work of an artist and created their own drawings of sea creatures. They have also used red blue and yellow to explore colour mixing. We have had some beautiful artwork sent in!


Next week we will begin to look at 2D shape and begin our topic of ‘what happens when I fall asleep?’

Makaton sign for next week: ‘milk’

Other resources your child will need is:

- Several sheets of paper

- Scissors

- 4 pencils