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Term has now ended. Have a safe and happy Summer break and we look forward to seeing you all and welcoming many new faces in September! Term starts on Thursday 3rd September.

'What happens when I fall asleep?'

Week 6



This week in Reception we are finishing our "What Happens When I fall Asleep?" topic with thinking about Nocturnal Animals. We have touched on this subject before in our topic "Why do squirrel's hide their nuts?" therefore the children reminded themselves of what a nocturnal animal is and alternatively what a diurnal animals is. An animal that we have focused on is the Night Owl and we have spoken about specific features it has which helps him to function at night time. The children have also thought of and written their own questions about different nocturnal animals.


An activity to finish the topic is our Book at Bedtime event happening today at 5pm, the children can come back to school in their pyjamas, drink hot chocolate and have bedtime stories.



In maths this week the children have learnt about positional language and distance. Positional language includes:


  • in
  • out
  • under
  • on
  • above
  • below
  • between
  • in front
  • behind
  • plus many more!


Distance language includes:

  • far
  • further/farthest
  • furthest/farthest
  • near
  • nearer
  • nearest
  • close
  • closer
  • closest
  • and more!


The children have used physical objects to put into different positions and described this with correct language what position they have used.


Exploring time: 


The children have enjoyed exploring many different activities including writing what they would take to space, putting a numbered space picture in order, cleaning animals with toothbrushes and shaving foam, having a teddy bears picnic and more. Have a look at the pictures below:


Week 5

3rd-7th February 2020



The children performed their first class assembly this week! They did a great job of remembering their lines and actions and we hope it was enjoyed by all. Thank you for coming along to support the children with this.



This week the children have been learning to calculate using numbers 0-20. The plus (+) and equals (=) signs have been re-introduced and we thought carefully about how a number sentence is formed. The children have used a variety of resources to practise calculation with, including tens frames, Numicon, the part-part-whole model and number sentence strips. Please look at the photos below to see the children engaging with calculation.


Exploring Time

The children have had another busy week in their Exploring Time, please see the photos below.

Week 4


Monday 27th - Friday 31st January


This week in Reception we have continued to think about People Who Work at Night, we previously spoke about the fire service, this week we have discussed other emergency services such as police, paramedics, doctors/nurses but also jobs such as builders and why they have to work at night as well as during the day.


CLPE text - Emily Brown and The Thing


We have also continued to read our CLPE text "Emily Brown and the Thing" which explores the theme of sleep in a fun story line which describes a range of settings ranging from a snow storm with polar bears to a dark cave with witches. The children have thought about the descriptive language in the story and had fun acting these scenes out with their peers.




This week we have finished learning our teen numbers in depth til 20 and now started calculating with numbers 11-20. This includes simple representations such as splitting 11 teddies between two boxes in different ways and challenging themselves to write this down as a number sentence. E.g. 7+4=11



Assembly Practise


Next week is Receptions's assembly talking about our topic "What Happens When I Fall Asleep?", the children have spent time this week practising their lines and actions ready, if you are able to attend it is taking place at 2.45pm next Wednesday (5th)!




Week 3

20th -25th January 2020



This week in Maths we have continued to learn about teen numbers, particularly focusing on the numbers 13-17. We have used different resources to build these numbers and thought carefully about the different ways these numbers can be built.

Next week we will be moving onto calculating with our recently learned numbers.



We had a very exciting visit from Didcot Fire Service this week! The children were very keen to learn all they could about the fire service and what they do. The children will be sharing their recently learned knowledge in our class assembly next week! Please look at the photos below to see how much the children enjoyed the visit.



The children continue to work hard in their daily phonic sessions. Please do not forget that ‘Spelling Shed’ is now running for the reception children to work on at home. Your child’s unique password can be found inside the cover of their reading journal.


Exploring Time

As always, the children continue to carry on their learning during Exploring Time. Please see the photos below of another fun-filled week!

Week 2


Monday 13th - Friday 17th January


Due to our 'Festival of Triangles' taking place last week, this week was the start of our new topic of 'What happens when I fall asleep?' which will explore:

  • bedtime routines/sleep
  • People who work at night time
  • The Moon and Stars
  • Nocturnal Animals


This week we really focused on bedtime routines and sleep. The children spoke about what we do before bedtime, their order and routines in which they do these and why it is important to sleep.

We have also kick started our topic with a pyjama and bedtime story day which all the children really enjoyed.


In maths this week we have began learning our teen numbers, starting with 11, 12 and 13; these numbers can be particularly tricky to learn as children can fall into the trap of calling them oneteen, twoteen and threeteen! For each of these numbers we have explored how they can be represented in different ways (including Numicon, tens frames and quantity) and discovered how they can be broken into tens and ones, for example 12 is the same as one 10 and two 1s. 


Exploring time has followed a sleep and bedtime routines theme in the activities available, have a look at the photos below!