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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Principal - Alison Ashcroft

Vice Principal and Early Years Leader - Sarah Scrivener

Assistant Principal and Key Stage One Phase Leader: Andrea Brown

Assistant Principal and Inclusion Manager - Emma Rawlings

Key Stage Two Phase Leader- Chris Lamming

Business Manager - Bethan Gorsuch


Office Team

Beth Gorsuch

Jenny Hearn

Heather Fuller


Early Years Team

Nursery Teacher Acorn Class: Emma Clements

Early Years Support Worker: Cathy Venes

Teaching Assistant: Hannah Madley

Reception Teachers: Emmy Taylor (Hazel Class)  and Emily Holden (Cherry Class)

Reception Teaching Assistants: Kelly Marshall and Afraa Farhat


Key Stage One Team

Year 1 Class Teachers: Karie Ledster (Beech Class), Ellen Labbett (Maple Class) and Samantha Duckett  who is currently working from home (Maple Class)

Year 1 Teaching Assistants: Rachel Spencer, Kathy Jolley and Lucy Wall


Year 2 Class Teacher: Andrea Brown and Sarah Scrivener(Willow Class) and Chelsea Stone (Rowan Class)

Year 2 Teaching Assistants:  Di Bradley and Nicole Bennett


Key Stage Two Team

Year 3 Class Teacher: Lauren Cronk (Chestnut Class) and Claire Middlemore (Sycamore Class)

Year 3 Teaching Assistant: Tina Bone


Year 4 Class Teachers: Charlotte White (Birch Class) and Amelia Ryan (Elm Class)

Year 4 Teaching Assistants: Kate Smith, Lucy Wilson and Irene Galan


Year 5 Class Teachers: Chris Lamming

Year 5 Teaching Assistant: Veerle Duran


Year 6 Class teachers: Ben Hyde (Oak Class) and Rachael Farrington (Cedar Class)

Year 6 Teacher Assistant: Sally Foster


Key Stage 2 TA: Andrea Parsons

Family Support HLTA: Laura Curtis

Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA): Laura Curtis, Leanne Collins and Rea Phillips

Our Higher Level Teaching assistants provide much of the PPA cover and supply days in our school to ensure continuity and high quality teaching.


Lunch time supervisors:

All Teaching assistants also have a lunch time supervisor role.


Catering Staff: From Edwards and Ward


Breakfast Club staff: Lucy Wall, Di Bradley and Tina Bone


After school club is run by Get Active please see extended hours for more details.


Caretaker: Rafal Kozlowski

Cleaners: From Rapid Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd