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Why do squirrels hide their nuts?

Week 3


Monday 16th-Friday 20th November


Makaton sign this week was: eat

Next week is:


This week in Reception we have continued our topic of 'Why do Squirrels Hide their nuts?' and focused primarily on the woodland animals hedgehogs and squirrels, we have learnt about where they live, what they eat and learned knew language such as 'nocturnal' and 'hibernate'. We also all created our own hedgehog creations by making hedgehog spikes out of Autumn Leaves.




In maths this week we have thought a lot about addition with numbers 0-10. We have explored this in a variety of ways including using Numicon, Part-Part-Whole Models, Cuisenaire and tens frames. Please see Google Classroom for how to use these resources to support addition to 10. We have also began to challenge ourselves to write our own number sentences for addition sums, for example 0+10=10, 2+6=8.


Literacy Texts


We have continued learning our new story 'The Gruffalo' and have read to the section where mouse meets Fox, Owl and snake. The children have thought in depth about the characters feelings and thoughts during this section of the book and demonstrated what facial expressions match that feeling.


Here is some pictures of our exploring time activities:



  • In maths we will be introducing capacity and exploring it in a variety of ways
  • In topic time we will be looking into habitats of woodland animals
  • We will also be using our senses to explore Autumn fruits and vegetables

Week of 9th to 13th November 2020

Makaton sign this week, ‘drink’, next week ‘eat’.


We have continued our group Phonics sessions where children move at a pace suited to their needs. We have been revising sounds such as ‘c, k, u’. Children are moving on to writing simple words with these sounds in and some have been writing simple sentences.


This week we have looked at comparing numbers 6 to 10. Children have been using the language of less and more to describe quantities and compare amounts.


Our topic this week has been around many of the different festivals that occurred, this included Diwali and Remembrance Day. Children have heard the story or Rama and Sita and acted this out. We also made poppies.


We continued our work on the Gruffalo, looking at the mouse in detail. We re-read the first part of the story and describes the character.

Week 1


Monday 2nd - Friday 6th November



Makaton sign week was: finish

Next week is: drink




Reception have started the new term with a new topic: 'Why do squirrel's hide their nuts?' which is all about Autumn. We began the topic by exploring the Autumn items that the children brought in which included conkers, different coloured leaves, pine cones and acorns and also going for our own Autumn walk in school. The children commented on the colours that we associate with Autumn and how the weather felt. Also this week, the children learnt about Bonfire Night, we discussed how we celebrate bonfire night, sounds you would hear at bonfire night and also bonfire/firework safety. The children then created their own firework creations with paint and oil pastels.





In maths this week we have learnt numbers 6-10 and discussed different ways we can represent these numbers. The children then had a go themselves of representing numbers in different ways, this includes using dice, tens frames, Numicon and lego blocks.

Exploring time


Exploring time this week focused on Autumn and Bonfire Night activities including investigating Autumn objects, writing firework words, creating bonfire night pictures and mark making firework patterns. Some of the children also had their first visit to the mud kitchen this year. Please remember to send some waterproof clothes in so your child can take part in this!