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Why do you love me so much?

Week 7


We have been learning Makaton in nursery. So far we have learnt hello, goodbye, yes and no. We are encouraging the children to use these at nursery. Ask your child if they can remember them and show you at home.

We made biscuits on Wednesday. They smelled delicious and tasted good too! We talked about following a recipe, named all the ingredients we needed and talked about the changes in texture to the mixture, as we mixed, kneaded, rolled and cut the dough.

This week we have been learning to sequence pictures, using the vocabulary first, next and finally. The children had to sequence and follow pictures teaching them to put on their shoes and socks independently. Remember to keep practising to do this at home!

Next week is our final week of our topic 'Why do you love me?' We are finishing the half term talking about friendship and how to be a good friend to others.

Week 6


We have had a very wet and windy week in nursery. We enjoyed flying kites in the outside area and got very wet splashing in the puddles (again!). Please ensure children have a spare change of clothes in nursery everyday. If you could also bring in wellies and an all-in-one rain suit, this will help us keep dry on wet days.

Lots of children have been 'Helping Hands' at nursery this week. This gives children some responsibility during the day to help others. They help get everything ready for snack time, lunchtime/end of the day, as well as helping their friends, should they need them. The children are taking on this role really well and take a lot of pride in wearing the 'Helping Hand' lanyard.

We continued learning about our families this week and talking about who lives with us at home. The children enjoyed drawing their family on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Next week is 'Grandparents' Week'. smiley

Week 5


We have had a very rainy end to the week, with lots of splashing in puddles and getting wet! Acorn Class have been talking about growing and learning in nursery this week. We have sequenced pictures of babies, toddlers, children and adults and talked about changing and growing up. We also discussed the things we can do now that we couldn't do when we were born.

We are still practising being independent with taking on and off our socks and shoes in PE. Please keep encouraging your child to do this at home.

Our bike and car wash opened this week in the outside area. The children have loved using the soapy water and sponges to clean the bikes. It has encouraged great role play!

Week 4


We have certainly moved from summer to autumn this week! But that hasn't stopped us spending lots of time exploring outside. We started the week off with another listening activity. We all had a beater or clave and explored all the sounds we could make on different objects and materials in the outside area. We enjoyed making quiet sounds and loud sounds!

Acorn Class had their first PE lesson this week. We explored different ways our bodies can move. We jumped high, ran fast and stretched making different shapes. We need to take off our shoes and socks when doing PE inside. Please practise doing this with your child at home, so they can become more independent.

Thank you to all of you that have sent in photographs this week. The children have loved sharing these with their friends. We are making a display of them in our classroom! 

Next week our theme is 'I am growing everyday'. We are going to be talking about growing up. Looking at the things we can do now, which we couldn't do when we were younger.

Week 3


We have had a busy week in Acorn Class! We have loved being outside in the sunshine, exploring the outside area.

We did a listening activity outside, where we closed our eyes and listened to all the sounds around us. We heard birds, cars, children and the wind blowing the trees. 

We have been looking at numbers 1-5 and making groups of children to represent each number. Ask your child at home to read the numbers 1-5 and represent the number in different ways. You could use fingers, toy cars, spoons, etc. 

We got very messy with paint making our handprints!


Next week we are going to begin to find and read our name and our friend's names. Please bring in photographs if you haven't done so yet. The children are really enjoying showing everyone photographs of themselves and their family.

Week 2


We have had a great first full week in nursery! The children are all settling in well and getting to know the nursery routines. We have spent lots of time exploring the inside and outside areas. The children have enjoyed painting, playing with toy cars, riding the bikes, building towers with blocks, and much more!

Next week our theme is: 'This is me!' We are going to  be spending time learning about ourselves, looking at photographs, making handprints, etc. 

Week 1


We have really enjoyed welcoming all of our full-time children this week. They have enjoyed exploring the nursery and getting to know each other. Lots of smiley faces!  We are all looking forward to meeting the part-time children next week. smiley