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Year 6

The Year 6 Classes are Oak and Cedar.

Welcome to Year 6!


We have another brilliant year planned for you all! Year 6 marks the finish line of your primary journey, and with that comes an increased expectation of independence in preparation for Year 7 next year. The hard work that you put in now will help you to reach your absolute potential ahead of that move up, and we're excited to help you get there!

This year, Mr Hyde will be teaching Oak Class (in the red classroom) and Mrs Farrington will be teaching Cedar (in the orange classroom). We are very lucky to be keeping Mrs Foster to assist across both classrooms.


PE will be taught outside as much as we possibly can, so you will need appropriate PE kit for the weather as it gets colder. Our PE slots are on a Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon. 


Our first topic will be Frozen Kingdoms, where we will be exploring the arctic and antarctic, learning about the indigenous people who live there in the harsh conditions, and learning about the British people who first explored it. After October half term, we will be starting A Child's War, which will explore the experience of British children during WW2.


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